Reformed Baptist Systematic Theologies


For more systematic theologies from a non-baptist perspective, see Every Reformed Systematic Theology Online.  ‘PoD‘ means Print on Demand, which books are of a lower quality.





Keach, Benjamin – Spiritual Melody, containing near three hundred sacred hymns  Buy PoD  1691

This is virtually a systematic theology in poetry.  For a work of a similar nature, see Ralph Erskine on the Every Reformed Systematic Theology Online.




Gill, John  d. 1771

A Complete Body of Doctrinal and Practical Divinity  Buy

The Cause of God and Truth  Buy




Dagg, John

Manual of Theology and Church Order: A Treatise on Christian Doctrine  Buy  1871

Manual of Church Order  Buy

Hovey, Alan – Manual of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics  Buy PoD  1877

Boyce, James P. – Abstract of Systematic Theology  Buy 1882

Strong, Augustus – Systematic Theology  Buy 1889




Henry, Carl – God, Revelation and Authority, 6 vols.  Buy  1976-83 

Henry was an influential evangelical of the mid-1900’s and professor of theology at Fuller Theological Seminary.  His work is massive, philosophical and something of a bedrock in its field.

Erickson, Millard

Christian Theology  Buy  1985, 1200 pages

Erickson is moderately reformed.  His doctrine of Christ contains the error of kenosis, that upon the incarnation Christ ’emptied Himself’  of numerous of his divine attributes.  The orthodox doctrine is that the 2nd person in assuming a human nature remained fully God, being both God and man in two natures and one person forever.

Introducing Christian Doctrine  Buy  437 pages

Lewis, Gordon and Bruce Demarest – Integrative Theology, 3 vols.  Buy  1987

Grudem, Wayne – Systematic Theology  Buy  1994, 1264 pages

Grudem was a professor of systematic theology at Trinity Evangleical Divinity School.  He has been a primary scholar and leader for the third wave of continuationists (that the apostolic gifts of the first century continue through Church history).  His work on this topic has been thoroughly refuted by Ken Gentry in his response to Grudem.





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