Familiar Tunes for Singing Psalms



Below are some familiar tunes you may know, or can learn easily.

All of the 150 psalms in the The Scottish Metrical Psalter  Buy  are Common Meter.  Common Meter is the most common meter for familiar tunes.  If you know just one Common Meter tune, such as Amazing Grace, you can sing all 150 psalms.

About a dozen or so of the psalms have also been set to other meters as well.  The first version of the psalm is notated by (i) and the second version of the psalm is notated by (ii).



All 150 Psalms – Common Meter

Amazing Grace – “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound…”  Piano  Video  Score

America the Beautiful – “O beautiful for spacious skies…”  Piano  Video  Score

Azmon / Denfield – “O for a thousand tongues to sing…”  Piano  Video  Score

Coronation – “All hail the Son of God, He’s robed in…”  Piano  Video  Score

Ellacombe – “I sing the mighty power of God…”  Piano  Video  Score

Fountain – “There is a fountain filled with blood…”  Piano  Video  Score


Psalms 25(i), 45(ii), 50(i), 67(i), 70(i) – Short Meter

Diademata – “Crown Him with many crowns…”  Piano  Video  Score  

Mercer Street – “This is my Father’s world…”  Piano  Video  Score


Psalms 6(i), 100(i), 102(ii), 145(ii) – Long Meter

Creation – “The spacious firmament on high…”  Piano  Video  Score

Duke Street – “Jesus shall reign where’er the sun…”  Piano  Video  Score

Old 100th – “Praise God from whom all blessing flow…”  Piano  Video  Score


Psalm 136(i) –  Doubled

Ebenezer – “O the deep, deep love of Jesus…”  Piano  Video  Score

Hyfrydol – “Come, Thou long expected Jesus…”  Piano  Video  Score 

Nettleton – “Come thou fount of every blessing…”  Piano  Video  Score


Want to go further?

For those who desire to advance in the singing of praise to God, or who are musically inclined, be sure to purchase The Scottish Psalmody  Buy  (and here) which has all the musical notation in it.

A good tune complements the words of the psalm.  Joyful tunes accentuate joyful psalms.  Sorrowful tunes express well psalms of lament.  Contemplative tunes assist the singing of meditative psalms.  You will find many rich and heart-gripping tunes in this psalter that will stir your soul up to greater devotion to the God who gave the psalms to us.

Most of the 192 tunes this psalter contains (with suggested tunes for each psalm), are the historic tunes that these psalms have been sung to throughout history: from the time of Calvin’s Geneva, to the Huguenots of France, to the Covenanters on the battlefields of Scotland, through the 1800′s in the Free Church of Scotland.

Audio files of many of the tunes are on this page.  See also the collections at Youtube and Soundcloud.

If you have trouble acquiring enough copies of The Scottish Psalmody for your family (or twenty copies for when all your friends come over; 200 for your whole church?), contact the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) who may be able to help.




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