The Poetry of the Westminster Divines

The Song of Solomon in Poetry

The Bible in Poetry




Songs of Love and Christ

David Dickson – True Christian Love – A Poem  1655, 30 pages

Dickson was a colleague of Rutherford and Gillespie.  His song is ravishing; it sets forth the loveliness of Christ in contrast to all other lovers.  Only in Christ do all other loves find their pleasure.

Greene, John – A Brief Unveiling of God and Man’s Glory – A Poem, 1641, 31 pages with a 7 page Introduction to his life and work by Travis Fentiman.

Greene was a member of the Westminster Assembly.  His poem is delightful and profound.  As with all good poetry, read it aloud.


On Christian Hope in Dark Times

Tanner, Thomas – A Sober Whisper concerning the Evil of Things [of the] Present and [of] the Good of Things to Come  1665, 12 pages, the author’s attributed name is Thomas Narjenn



On Spiritual Meditation

Rogers, Richard – A Sweet Meditation: A poem on the benefit of reading, conference, musing on holy things, and prayer: containing a complaint that these holy exercises are neglected for that which is worse than nothing, even men’s sinful will, 1603, 46 stanzas, from his Seven Treatises

Rogers’ (1551-1618) was called the Enoch of his age for how closely he walked with God.  He also gave the occasion for the puritans to be called precisionists in his famed reply to the scoffer complaining that he was too precise.  Rogers replied, ‘I serve a precise God.’


The Gospel Call

W.V. – The gospel-call in metre



Catechisms in Poetry

T.R. – The Catechism in Meter for the easier learning, and better remembering of those principles of our faith, which we ought most familiarly to be acquainted withal… the verse will agree with most of the tunes of the Psalms of David, and it is divided into parts, that each part may be [a] song by itself  Ref

Smith, Robert – The Assembly’s Shorter Catechism in Meter  Buy PoD  n.d.



The Pilgrim’s Progress in Verse

Burder, George – The Pilgrim’s Progress from Earth to Heaven: an Epic Poem



For the Young

Claridge, Richard – Spiritual Counsel to Youth: a Spiritual Poem  1728

A page of English interchanges with a page of Latin.




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