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archibald, alexander



Books  (20)

Annals of the Jewish Nation During the Period of the Second Temple, 1832, 355 pages

The Log College,  Buy  1851, 298 pages

A rich history of early presbyterian ministers in 1700’s America and the revivals that occurred in their time.  The “Log College” was the predecessor school to what would culminate in the opening of the first presbyterian seminary in America at Princeton in 1812.   

A Brief Compend of Bible Truth,  Buy  1846, 224 pages

Originally published for the blind, a winsome and easy to read summary of Bible truth.  Great for beginners and young people.

A Brief Outline of the Evidences of the Christian Religion, 1825, 257 pages

A summary of the evidences for the truth of Christianity in the old evidentialist style of apologetics from the founding professor of Princeton

The Canon of the Old and New Testaments Ascertained: or the Bible Complete Without the Apocrypha and Unwritten Tradition, HTML, 1833, 374 pages

A defense that our 66 books of the Bible are the Word of God

Counsels of the Aged to the Young, HTML, 1844, 67 pages, 20 counsels

Here is godly counsel from the aged at the end of life to all those who are still in the middle of their lives.  You won’t find such balanced, scriptural and practical wisdom on the Christian life being printed today.

Evidences of the Authenticity, Inspiration, Canonical Authority of the Holy Scriptures, 1906, 326 pages.  This is a later expanded edition that includes A Brief Outline of the Evidences of the Christian Religion, 1825, and parts of The Canon of the Old and New Testaments Ascertained, 1833.

A History of Colonization on the Western Coast of Africa, 1846, 630 pages

A History of the Israelitish Nation: From Their Origin to Their Dispersion at the Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, 1853, 653 pages

Gives history and background information (as well as much exposition) to the Old Testament, the inter-testamental age and the NT.  

Letters to the Aged, HTML, 1868, 84 pages, 7 letters, originally published as an Appendix to Thoughts on Religious Experience

Godly and wise advice on how to grow old well.

Outlines of Moral Science, 1852, 284 pages

A systematic treatment of the foundations of Morality

A Pocket Dictionary of the Holy Bible, 1831, 566 pages

Practical Truths,  Buy  1857, 414 pages

Alexander is the best at making short simple illustrations come alive with profound spiritual truth that moves the soul.  

A Selection of Hymns, 1831, 666 pages

Thoughts on Religious Experience, re-typeset PDF with hyper-linked table of contents,  Buy  1844, 594 pages

Required reading.  A classic of experiential religion.  This was the first book of its type in America.  Alexander defines true religious experience as the objective truths of God’s Word stamped on the soul, with all the effects that follow.  

A Treatise on Justification by Faith, 1837, 50 pages

A largely unknown and scarce work of Alexander’s on an important topic from an important figure

Universalism False and Unscriptural: an Essay on the Duration and Intensity of Future Punishment, 1851, 104 pages

Here is an example of Alexander’s polemics against the rising tide of his day that denied the eternity and retributive nature of Hell.

The Way of Salvation Familiarly Explained in a Conversation Between a Father and his Children, 1800, 78 pages

Einstein said what takes brilliance is making complex truths simple to understand.  Alexander was brilliant.  Here is help for you talking to your children about the Lord.


Chapters from Books  (14)

Answer to Prayer Long Deferredno date or source info

Christ Standing and Knocking at the Doorno date or source info

Counsels to Christian MothersHTML, no date or source info

The Day of Judgmentno date or source info

Erroneous Views of Regeneration, HTML, from his Thoughts on Religious Experience, 1844

The Faithful Elder, HTML, no date or source info

The Lord’s Day, HTML, from his Brief Compend of Bible Truth, 1846

The Misery of the Lostno date or source info

The New Birth, from his Thoughts on Religious Experience, 1844

Practical Directions on How to Grow in Grace and Make Progress in Pietyno date or source info

A prayer for one who feels that he is approaching the borders of another world, from his Thoughts on Religious Experience, Banner of Truth edition, p. 259-262

Sinners Welcome to Come to Jesus Christno date or source info

Thoughts for Young People, HTML, from his Thoughts on Religious Experience, 1844

Articles  (8)

A Dialogue Between a Presbyterian and a “Friend”, 1792, 40 pages

The Duty of Catechetical Instruction, 1836, 18 pages

Love to an Unseen Savior, 1863, 12 pages

Missionary Paper #10:  The World to be Reclaimed by the Gospelsearch for “Alexander”, 1800, 12 pages

A Practical View of Regeneration, HTML, 1836, from The Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review, volume 8 

Remarks on a Paragraph in the Rev. Doctor Davidson’s History of the Presbyterian Church in Kentucky: in Reference to the Character of the Late Mr. John Lyle, 1848, 14 pages

Suggestions in Vindication of Sunday-Schools, 1829, 46 pages

Thoughts on the Education of Pious and Indigent Candidates of the Ministry, 1846, 30 pages


Discourses and Addresses  (5)

An Address at the Laying of the Corner-Stone of the Presbyterian Church in Southwark, Philadelphia, Sept. 17th 1849, p. 43, 1851, 5 pages

An Address Delivered Before the Alumni Association of Washington College, Virginia on Commencement Day, June 29th, 1843p. 204, search for “Address” to find it, 1843, 31 pages

An Address to Candidates for the Ministry, 1832, 46 pages

A Discourse Occasioned by the Burning of the Theatre in the City of Richmond, Virginia on Dec. 26th, 1811, 1812, 42 pages

Inaugural Discourse, Aug. 12th, 1812, search for “Inaugural”, p. 55, 47 pages, Archibald Alexander’s inaugural address when he was installed as Princeton Seminary’s first professor

An historic occasion.  This was the opening of Princeton Seminary, the first presbyterian seminary in America.  His message is on John 5:39, “Search the Scriptures”


Book of Sermons 

Practical Sermons to be Read in Families and Social Meetings,  Buy  1850, 596 pages

Alexanders sermons are some of the best: warm, experiential, clear and simple.  Read and imitate these to become a better preacher. 


Individual Sermons  (11)

Christ’s Gracious Invitation1861, 18 pages, from his Practical Sermons

The House of God Desirable, Ps. 84:1,2, p. 113, search for “Alexander”, 10 pages

A Missionary Sermon, Mk. 16:15, 1814, 44 pages

The Nature and Means of Growth in Grace: Two Sermons on 2 Pet. 3:18p. 113, 1828, 15 pages

Obedience to Christ gives Assurance of the Truth of His Doctrines, 1850, from his Practical Sermons 

Objections Obviated and God Glorified by the Success of the Gospel Among the Heathen: A Sermon Preached, Acts 11:18, 1830, 38 pages

The People of God led in Unknown Ways, Isa. 42:16, 1842, p. 184, search for “Alexander”, 18 pages

A Sermon, “Feed My Sheep”, Jn. 21:16, p. 37, search for “Alexander”, 1834, 26 pages

A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Mrs. Margaret Breckinridge, Ps. 46:10p. 70, 1839, 20 pages

A Sermon Preached in Nassau Hall, Ps. 119:9, 1826, search for “Nassau”, p. 1, 41 pages

Spiritual Worship, HTML  Buy  16 pages, from his Practical Sermons


Extracts  (7)

The Cross, no date or source info, 4 paragraphs

The Deceitfulness of Sin, no date or source info, 5 paragraphs

Fasting, no date or source info, 7 paragraphs

The Gospel no Failure, no date or source info, 4 paragraphs

Heaven, no date or source info, 4 paragraphs

The Peace of God, no date or source info, 5 paragraphs

Prayer a Privilege, no date or source info, 6 paragraphs


Introductions and Prefaces  (6)

The Nature of Vital Piety, HTML, 1843, 19 pages, the introductory essay to Advice to a Young Christian, by J.B. Waterbury

An important work in its own right.  It begins, “True religion not only enlightens the understanding, but rectifies the affections of the heart. All genuine feelings of piety are the effects of divine truth…”   

Matthew Henry’s Commentary, vol. 1, HTML, 1828, with a Preface by A. Alexander, 8 pages

A thoughtful and helpful introduction to the best commentary on the Bible there is

A Memoir of the Rev. Joseph W. Barr, Late Missionary…, 1833, by E.P. Swift, with an Introductory Discourse by A. Alexander, 16 pages

Pastoral Reminiscences, 1849, by Shepard Kollock, with an Introduction by A. Alexander, 5 pages

Preface to The Memoirs of Thomas Halyburton, 1833

An engaging introduction to the subjective view of the godly soul, being a preface to Halyburton’s classic of spiritual autobiography

A Rational Defence of the Gospel, 1831, by Isaac Watts with a Preface by A. Alexander, 10 pages


Related  (4)

The Duty of the Church to Take Measures for Providing an Able and Faithful Ministry, 2 Tim. 2:2: a Sermon Delivered at Princeton, Aug. 12th, 1812, at the Inauguration of the Rev. Archibald Alexander, D.D. as Professor of Didactic and Polemic Theology, 1812, 47 pages, by Samuel Miler, with the Inaugural Address of A. Alexander on p. 55, 47 pages

A very fitting text and subject for the opening of the first presbyterian school to train pastors for the Christian ministry in America, by he who would later become Princeton’s second professor.

Lecture Notes of Archibald Alexander on Theology, hand-written manuscript by Charles Hodge, 1818, 284 pages.  

Alexander’s lectures on Theology are unavailable in any other form.  A treasure.

The Life of Archibald Alexander, D.D.,  Buy  1854, 700 pages, by his son James W. Alexander

A classic biography of an important life.

A Memoir of the Rev. John H. Rice, D.D., First Professor of Christian Theology in Union Theological Seminary, Virginia, 1835, 412 pages, by William Maxwell.  Contains numerous letters from John H. Rice to Archibald Alexander.  Search for “Alexander”.

John Holt Rice was an important southern presbyterian.  Here is a window into the correspondence of leading figures in the early 1800’s church.


Historical Tour

Archibald Alexander Travelogue, by the Rev. Sherman Isbell, a retired minister of the Free Church of Scotland (continuing), who lived near the area.

Take a vacation to Lexington, VA and see these special sites connected to such a godly legacy.