Theological Writings from Scottish Church History

We make no apology that Scottish Church history is more important than any other strand of Church history.

Consequently, we have collected many of the theological tracts from the Resolutioner-Protester controversy of the 1650’s so that you can read them first-hand.  The webpage contains an introduction to the era and issues, as well as valuable historical materials on it.

The Scottish Resolutioner-Protester Controversy, 1650’s

Likewise, there really has been no collection available of the defenses of covenanting and literature surrounding the indulgence controversy, during 1660-1688, until now.  The most fascinating aspect of this literature, besides that of defending civil resistance from Scripture and natural law, is the debate over Church unity and degrees of separation.

Defenses of Scottish Covenanting and the Indulgence Controversy, 1661-1688

May these resources be a blessing to you, and may God’s name be hallowed.