Rutherford’s Due Right of Presbyteries

What is the definitive work in Church history arguing and delineating classic presbyterianism?

Samuel Rutherford’s The Due Right of Presbyteries.  Rutherford answers every detailed point of ecclesiology (things about the Church) that you ever thought of, and many, many more.

The problem, though, is that this is one of the most dis-organized books there is.  So, we have made an outline, table of contents and subject index to it in contemporary format, with links to corresponding page numbers, so that you can easily find where he treats of interesting subjects.

For those more skilled in historical theology, see if you can find the two dozen points where modern presbyterianism departs from classically defined, historic, presbyterianism from the Church of Scotland during the Westminster era.

Please enjoy:

“Samuel Rutherford’s The Due Right of Presbyteries: Table of Contents and Subject Index”  1644  22 pp.  ed. Travis Fentiman