Gillespie on Christ’s Mediatorial Kingdom

Is Christ’s Kingdom as the Mediator the Church only, or does it include all things?

George Gillespie, the Westminster divine and Scottish covenanter has the most in-depth writings on the majority puritan view that Christ’s Mediatorial Kingdom is the Church only.

Gillespie’s material, the most in-depth on the topic, has often not been read due to its inaccessibility.  The Reformed Presbyterians, as a family of denominations, officially take the opposite viewpoint.  Often their view is put forward as a self-evidently correct interpretation of the relevant texts.

This collection of Gillespie’s writings in contemporary format, with explanatory notes, will shed a lot more light on the issues and the details of the relevant Scriptural texts.

As a bonus, these writings of Gillespie are also the classic delineation of the Establishment Principle, the Biblical relation between Church and State.

May this document be a rich and helpful resource to you in further searching out the things of God and Biblical doctrine.

George Gillespie – ‘All of Gillespie’s Writings on Christ’s Mediatorial Kingdom is the Church Only’  110 pp.  ed. Travis Fentiman