What is Worship?

Some persons say all of life is worship, and see no special significance for the Church’s public worship.  Others, often in reaction, hold worship to be only worship ordinances, such as prayer, reading Scripture and singing praise, whether publicly or privately.

Both are wrong, according to Scripture and reformed orthodoxy.  Worship, narrowly speaking, is an immediate honoring of God.  Keeping God’s commandments mediately honors God, and hence is worship.  All of life is worship insofar as worship naturally and Biblically includes anything done out of reference to God.

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Yes, internal worship is more important than external, and natural more than instituted, according to nature, Scripture (see the many Bible verses on the webpages) and reformed orthodoxy.

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Drink deeply of the Lord’s theological teachings, lay hold of all the riches you can, and send them to your friends.


“Worship God.”

Rev. 22:9