Lenski’s Commentary Now Online!

R.C.H. Lenski was an early-1900’s, conservative Lutheran minister and university professor.  His twelve volume, in-depth commentary on the New Testament, noted for its emphasis on Greek grammar, is not always easy to find, and is usually expensive.

Now, for the first time, it is fully online!

Lenski, Richard C.H. – Commentary on the New Testament, vol. 1 (Mt), 2 (Mk), 3 (Lk), 4 (Jn), 5 (Acts), 6 (Rom), 7 (1-2 Cor), 8 (Gal-Phil), 9 (Col-Phile), 10 (Heb-Jm), 11 (Pet-Jd), 12 (Rev)  (OH: Wartburg Press, 1935-1966)

“A conservative, very extensive and generally helpful exposition based upon an exegesis of the Greek text.  Arminian [actually Lutheran] in doctrine, maintains a rigid approach to Greek grammar, and follows an amillennial interpretation of eschatology.  Exceedingly helpful background material and abounds in good preaching values.” – Cyril Barber


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