Rutherford on the Judicial Laws

How do the Judicial Laws of Moses apply today to our civil politics?  There are two extremes:

– Christian evangelicalism which accepts pluralism and finds no use for the divinely given pattern revealed in Moses, and

– Theonomy which says that the Judicial Laws of Moses are as binding, in exhaustive detail, as they ever were.

There is another choice, though: the historic, majority Reformed view that the Judicial Law as a category has expired, except as its General Equity (Moral Principles) continue to bind today.

Samuel Rutherford expounds and illustrates the viewpoint of the Westminster Confession.  Let Rutherford take you to school and teach you what General Equity Biblically, and has historically, entailed:

Samuel Rutherford on the Judicial Laws of Moses: Excerpts Arranged Topically  32 pp.