Demonic Possession Today

This is a personal topic for myself, Travis Fentiman, MDiv., LPN.  Until I became a nurse, I never had any first-hand experience with demonic possession.

But since then, after talking to and observing many persons who hear ‘voices’ in their head, I have become persuaded that most schizophrenics, who hear such malevolent voices, are demon possessed.  This means that more people than we have imagined today are possessed by demons, and are around us in some number in society (about 1%).

These webpages were born out of need.  When a person is being tormented in front of you in tears and despair, how does one help them?  Can one deliver them?

I have written a personal account of my experience and clinical observations with these things, and hope it may be helpful and eye-opening.  See the Introduction on this new page:

On Demonic Possession

I wish I had time to write an introduction to the following page as well, giving the results of my investigations into Scripture, reformed theology and history, but I have not.  Nonetheless, this might be the only collection of historic, reformed resouces available on the topic:

On Exorcism