Articles on Worship

Being always at work building the Lord’s House (Hag. 1:2,4,8,9,14, etc.), we have been working on expanding, updating and overwhelmingly proving from Scripture and evidencing from history the Westminster viewpoint on Creeds and Responsive Readings in worship:

Creeds in Worship?

Responsive Readings

Offering in Worship

Take some time on the Lord’s Day to carefully consider the scriptures in light of these questions.  Particularly, there has been a subsection on the Book of Revelation added to the Responsive Readings page, which will be a great help searching and rightly dividing the Word of truth.  Many more articles on specific issues in worship, defending the Westminster perspective (which is not so popular these days) will be forthcoming in the months ahead.

Up next though, if the Lord so wills and we are spared, is All of the Writings of the Scottish Covenanters on one page.  Yes, that is right: ‘All’.  Check back in a week or two.