Twisse on God Willing the Salvation of All Men Indiscriminately

William Twisse, a moderator of the Westminster Assembly, has been known as a very ‘high’ Calvinist; so high, in fact, that many persons have used his very strong and continual language about God’s purposed destruction of reprobates against the notion that God wills their good or salvation in any way.  In fact, we long ago gave up trying to find in Twisse anything of the latter.

However, sure enough, we happened upon some places in Twisse where, in qualifying himself, he does, as Scripture, affirm God’s end of leading all men indiscriminately to repentance and salvation.

William Twisse on How God Wills the Salvation of Men Indiscriminately

There was a diversity of language and categories that the reformed used in the 1600’s on this subject, as is evident in Twisse here arguing against John Cotton, who used a stronger paradigm and language than Twisse.