The Table of Contents to a Latin Systematic Theology

Ever desire to peer into an old, standard, Latin, Reformed systematic theology?

Amandus Polanus’ (1561-1610) Syntagma, or System of Theology, 2 vols. (1609-10) is just that.  Polanus was an early Reformed theologian in Germany.  He had studied at Tübingen, Basel and Geneva and became the professor of Old Testament at Basel in 1596.

Here is the Table of Contents to his 10 books in 2 volumes translated into English and publicly available for the first time (it is believed).   If you are able to get along in a bit of Latin, try dipping your hand into a section that interests you.

The Table of Contents to Polanus’ System of Christian Theology

There is much more similar material coming in the days ahead.  Brace yourself.