The Best Bible Commentary Collection on the Net

We are humbled to introduce the best and largest Bible Commentary collection on the net:

Bible Commentaries  2,200+

This collection includes:

– Every commentary that Charles Spurgeon recommended (his recommendatory notes are included);

-Every Reformed and/or Puritan commentary we could find on the net (in English);

– Most every Bible commentary before 1975 that a Bible-believer would be interested in,

– and all of the major Early and Medieval Church commentaries that have been translated into English.

The majority of these commentaries are fully available and free online.  The best commentaries are categorized at the top of each of the pages.

We give praise to God that now, for the first time, the bulk of the best commentaries on each book of the Bible throughout Church history is made conveniently available to pastors, missionaries, translators and all lovers of God’s Word throughout the world for free.  Send this page to them.

While one may find a benefit in spending money to buy a contemporary commentary, there is no need to.  There is at least just as much, and usually more scholarship in some of the older commentaries than in newer ones.

Contemporary commentaries, also, as a whole (with few exceptions), are seriously deficient in deep, savory, godliness.  They will feed you information, but not your eternal soul.  In reading older puritan commentaries, on the other hand, one not only grows in knowledge, but finds depths of soul-stirring communion with our Eternal and Beloved God.

May the Lord greatly use this collection of commentaries on his Word to feed his people, build up his Kingdom, and to destroy the works of darkness throughout the world.  Jesus come quickly!  and we shall know Him, not through books, but face to face.

Soli Deo Gloria