Richard Rogers’ Two Sermons on Conversion from Isa. 55

Richard Rogers’ (1551-1618) famed reply to the scoffer, ‘I serve a precise God’, gave the occasion for the puritans to be called ‘precisionists’.  These two very experientially rich sermons on conversion lay the entrance to God’s kingdom sweetly low: to any that thirst for it.  Rogers, with a discerning and soft hand, reproves worldly minded persons who do not desire the best things (even their own salvation), shows that the way to be saved is to thirst for it (for those that desire what God offers), and assures those that do thirst that God will surely make good his end of the deal.  It is in thirsting that the Christian continues in this life to receive the best spiritual graces from God for everything that he or she needs. 

Two Sermons on Conversion from Isa. 55:1-2, 1612, 29 pages, including a Publisher’s Introduction and a Preface by Rogers