On the 5 Spurious Sacraments of Rome

Romanism has five more sacraments than protestants do:

Extereme Unction (or a Last Anointing)

As Romanists can cite verses in the New Testament for each of these things (Acts 9:17Lk. 3:8Mt. 19:5-6Acts 13:2-3James 5:14), why are they not sacraments?

We have collected some standard reformed treatments on these subjects clearly answering this question and proving the Biblical view in detail.  In case you think that this subject is rather elementary, a bit below your interest level, we collected these resources, in fact, precisely for the profound issues delineated in these discussions, which correct the modern reformed Church in multiple ways.  For instance:

See standard, reformed divines argue (1) that marriage is entered into through the mutual consent of a man and a woman unto the institution, (2) that the laying on of hands was a natural, cultural sign which is not necessary, religiously significant or normative in ordination, (3) that elders anointing sick persons with oil was likewise a natural practice for refreshment and is not a means of grace, and (4) see the divines argue under Confirmation and Extreme Unction for Cessationsim (which teaching and arguments are not otherwise easy to locate in their writings).

On the 7 Sacraments of Romanism

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