On Marital Relations During Menstruation

Is it morally lawful to make love to one’s wife while she is menstruating?  The Bible says quite a bit about the topic, and as it is a practical question, it is worth considering.

The answer of reformed history has been mixed.  If an answer will be found, it will be by searching the Scriptures.  We give both sides of the argument in a newly written article on the topic.

The article fully examines the relevant Scriptures and delves into the details of Natural Law.  The article concludes that the Scriptural prohibitions to this act were ceremonial in nature (not moral), and that Natural Law does not absolutely prohibit making love during menstruation.

Whatever your thoughts are on the subject, you will likely learn a thing or two (or much more) from the article.  It is at the bottom of our page on eating and drinking blood (as the two issues are related):

On Eating & Drinking Blood, & Marital Relations During Menstruation