New Translation from Rutherford

For the first time, here is over a hundred pages translated into English from Rutherford’s Examination of Arminianism in Latin, for free and online.

Rutherford’s Examination was the closest thing he wrote to systematic theology.  As Arminians erred on nearly every point of theology, refuting their rising, popular system gave Rutherford the opportunity to survey nearly the whole gamut of theology.  Rutherford addresses topics here nowhere addressed in his books written in English.

The level of depth, detail and Scriptural, theological accuracy in this work far surpasses nearly anything available in English today.  Learn theology from the greatest Scottish theologian in Church history.

Rutherford, Samuel – Rutherford’s Examination of Arminianism: the Tables of Contents with Excerpts from Every Chapter  trans. Charles Johnson & Travis Fentiman  1668 / 2019  135 pp.