Modifying the Westminster Confession

Some of the modifications to the original Westminster Confession continue to fly under the radar for many reformed Christians in America.  R.A. Finlayson points out one of them.  He was a professor of the Free Church of Scotland in the mid-1900’s.  This is from his Reformed Theological Writings of R.A. Finlayson, 1996, Christian Focus Publications, p. 268

“Similar action [of modifying the Westminster Confession] was resorted to among the Presbyterian Churches of America, by which, among other changes, ‘wholly inclined to all evil’ was changed to ‘wholly inclined to evil’ on the presumption that no individual transgressor can be committed to ‘all evil’.  It is forgotten, however, that the Confession puts the emphasis on the ‘inclination’, and its statement is merely an affirmation that the roots of every kind of sin are in the heart of fallen mankind.”

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The Interpretation and Defense of the Original Westminster Confession