Historic Quotes of Praise for the Psalter

The Psalms, being a sufficient manual for sung praise through the centuries of God’s people, it is no wonder that some of the most beautiful and precious quotes of praise have been attributed to the Psalms though Church history.  Here is a collection of such quotes that will inflame your soul.  As Augustine said (Calvin quoting him), ‘No one is able to sing things worthy of God unless he has received them from Him.’

Eulogistic Quotes on the Psalms


Richard Sibbes

‘The Psalms are, as it were, the anatomy of a holy man, which lay the inside of a truly devout man outward to the view of others.  If the Scriptures be compared to a body, the Psalms may well be the heart, they are so full of sweet affections and passions.  For, in other portions of Scripture, God speaks to us; but in the Palms holy men speak to God and their own hearts.’