Calderwood Translation on Easter

In light of Easter coming up, we have translated a classic section from the Scottish presbyterian minister, David Calderwood, on this addition to God’s worship.

The observation of Easter was claimed to be indifferent by Scottish prelates (as it is often so claimed to be today by reformed ministers), it being imposed at the Perth Assembly in Scotland in 1618.  In 1623, Calderwood laid out these propositions in Latin on indifferent things and ceremonies about God’s worship, which precisely delineate the Biblical and classical presbyterian view on the subject.

As such, these propositions are timeless.  Please enjoy them and share them with your friends, and remember to keep the Lord’s Day holy.

Calderwood, David – ‘Propositions on Indifferent Things & Ceremonies in Worship’  trans. T. Fentiman  (1623; RBO, 2021)