100,000 Views and Intinction


We are humbled and thankful to announce that ReformedBooksOnline has reached 100,000 views.

We thought this would take perhaps 10 years, and it has been reached, since we started, in 2 and a half years.

By far the best resource, and the biggest, that we have put together yet, will be coming out by the end of the year.  Much more of the best Christian resources will be coming down the road, adding to what we have so far.



In the meantime, we have have put a page together on Intinction, the practice of dipping the bread in the wine in the Lord’s Supper, and consuming them together.  

The Introduction on the page is the clearest, most persuasive brief argument against Intinction that is available, that we know of.  And better yet, some of the older puritan resources against it are also made available, showing the very clear and solid presuppositions behind the Lord’s Supper that preclude the practice.

Whether Intinction seems relevant to you or not, the Introduction and resources will give you a better and more detailed appreciation for the full significance that the Lord has given to us in his Supper.