Our Big Project

Our big project that we are working on is on the Mediatorial Kingdom of Christ.  Andrew Myers is collecting resources on the view that the Mediatorial Kingdom of Christ is over all things, which has historically been promoted by Reformed Presbyterians (the family of specific denominations), and Travis Fentiman is working on editing all the writings of George Gillespie who argued that the Mediatorial Kingdom of Christ is the Church only, along with writing an essay defending that viewpoint from scripture and reformed history.

…But it is taking way longer than one would ever expect, especially with little kids running around at our knees.  So in the meantime, Travis Fentiman will continue filling out the website with other material, in-between feeding kids and changing diapers, full-time work, etc.  and will make the writing project even more long term for when he gets bigger chunks of time to work on it.

May God’s richest blessings be upon you.