Vavasor Powell on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel


Powell was a popular Welsh, Calvinistic Baptist who was converted through the writings of Richard Sibbes



As quoted by Malcom Watts 

Prisoners, adjudged to die, and having pardons tendered to them, do not question whether those pardons were intended and granted for all in their condition; but they upon the first sight and hearing thereof, strive to grapple hard and to catch hold upon such a pardon: even so sinners, when pardon of sins and salvation in Christ are tendered and preached to them, they should, like Jacob, strive to have the blessing; or like the woman that strove for the child, they should cry, “It is my pardon, my pardon,” and not, “Is it for me? Is it for me?””



As narrated by Tony Byrne.  The quotes inside the larger quote are Powell’s.

“Powell begins to exhort lost ‘sinners’ (p. 65) to exalt Christ and to ‘submit unto the Lord Jesus.’  He says, ‘there are many of you here this day that stand in need of Christ, who have not stooped, and bowed down to him.’  He beseeches them in order to incite their hearts to consider various motives.  Here is one of them:
‘6.  Because that all the love and mercy which the Lord hath revealed to you, and bestowed on you, they are to bring you to obedience unto Him.

O consider! what mercies God hath heaped upon you, He hath given you Houses, Lands, Children, Servants, Honors, pleasure, and dominion, and he hath made your enemies to stoop to you; O now what doth the Lord expect from you? but that you should submit unto his Son.’

– Vavasor Powell, Christ Exalted Above All Creatures by God His Father (London: Printed by Robert Ibbitson for Livewell Chapman at the Crown in Popes-head Alley, 1651), 67.”




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