The Free Offer of the Gospel in the Confession of Bohemia


As quoted approvingly by George Gillespie, a commissioner to the Westminster Assembly, in his Aaron’s Rod Blossoming, 1646on p.154

“The 14th Chapter of Ecclesiastical doctrine is of the Lord’s keys, of which he says to Peter, I will give thee the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, and these keys are the peculiar function or Ministry and administration of Christ his power, and his holy Spirit; which power is committed to the Church of Christ, and to the Ministers thereof, unto the end of the world: that they should not only by preaching publish the holy Gospel, although they should do this especially, that is, should show forth that Word of true comfort, and the joyful message of peace, and new tidings of that favor which God offers, but also that to the believing and unbelieving, they should publicly or privately denounce and make known, to wit, to them His favor, to these his wrath, and that to all in general, or to everyone in particular, that they may wisely receive some into the house of God, to the communion of Saints, and drive some out from thence, and may so through the performance of their Ministry, hold in their hand the Scepter of Christ his Kingdom, and use the same to the government of Christ his Sheep.”



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