Samuel Miller on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel


Miller was the second professor at the historic Princeton Seminary, and taught many of the influential figures that flowed from that institution.



A Letter, from Dr. Miller to a minister in New England, dated February 9, 1836.

As quoted in Henry Brown, Arminian Inconsistencies and Errors: in which it is shown that all the Distinctive Doctrines of the Presbyterian Confession of Faith are taught by Standard Writers of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1855, p. 120.


“So far as I understand the prevailing belief of the doctrine of atonement in our Church, it is the following:

That Christ obeyed, suffered, and laid down his life by covenant; that what He did was strictly vicarious; i.e. He acted as the substitute of his people; that He died in a special sense for the elect; but that his obedience and sufferings were so perfectly peculiar and unique in their nature, that it would have been necessary they should be just what they were if the salvation of only one soul bad been intended; and that nothing more would have been necessary, if countless millions of those who perish had been included in the purpose of salvation: That of course there is no scantiness in the provision of mercy: but that an ample foundation is laid for a sincere offer of salvation to all who hear the gospel.

Unless I am deceived, this is substantially the view taken by ninety-nine out of every hundred of the Old-school ministers of our Church.”




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