Samuel Davies on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel

1723 – 1761

Samuel Davies was a powerful preacher and notable Southern presbyterian.  He was the fourth president of Princeton (following Jonathan Edwards), was involved in the Great Awakening, and was instrumental in converting and ministering to many hundreds of black slaves.




Sermons of Samuel Davies, vol. 1, “Christ Precious to All True Believers,” in , Vol. 1 (1993 SDG ed.), p. 384.

As a prophet, how sweet are His instructions to a bewildered soul!  How precious the words of His lips, which are the words of eternal life!  How delightful to sit and hear Him teach the way of duty and happiness, revealing the Father, and the wonders of the invisible state!  How transporting to hear Him declare upon what terms an offended God may be reconciled!  A discovery beyond the searches of all the sages and philosophers of the heathen world.  How reviving is it to listen to His gracious promises and invitations; promises and invitations to the poor, the weary, and the heavy laden, the broken-hearted, and even to the chief of sinners!




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