Obadiah Sedgwick on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel


Sedgwick was a member of the Westminster Assembly and wrote two books of Sincere Free Offer sermons:


The Riches of God’s Grace Displayed, in the Offer of Salvation to Poor Sinners, 1658

The Fountain Opened and the River of Life Flowing forth for the refreshing of thirsty sinners.  Wherein is set out, Christ’s earnest and gracious invitation of poor sinners to come unto the waters, His complaining expostulation with the ingratitude and folly of those who neglect so great a salvation, His renewed solicitation with all earnestness and the most persuasive arguments to allure thirsty sinners to some to Christ, in several sermons on Isa. 55:1-3, 1657



Ch. 1 – That Jesus Christ is very earnest and importunate with thirsty sinners to come to Him, p. 1

Ch. 2 – There are waters for thirsty sinners, and everyone who is thirsty may and ought to come to Christ, p. 33

Ch. 3 – The poorest sinner may come to Christ, p. 80

Ch. 4 – The poorest sinner shall fare exceeding well if he will come to Christ and buy of Him, p. 201

Ch. 5 – All the good which sinners do need, is to be bought of Christ upon gracious terms, at the cheapest rate, at the lowest price, p. 251

Ch. 6 – All the good which Chirst does offer, and all the gracious terms upon which Christ does offer, are yet sometimes slighted, and refused by some sinners, p. 277

Ch. 7 – Sinners are earnestly laboring and trading for vain and unprofitable things, when and though the great things of Christ are graciously offered to them, but this is an exceedingly folly in them, p. 333

Ch. 8 – All the costs which men lay out, and all the pains which they do take, even for salvation, from anything without Christ, or in any other way than Christ’s way, they are utterly fruitless, vain and lost, p. 361

Ch. 9 – That Jesus Christ is pleased sometimes to renew his gracious offers towards them who have refused his gracious offers, p. 379

Ch. 10 – Jesus Christ does not only make gracious offers unto sinners, not does He only renew gracious offers to them, but also He is very earnest and importunate with sinners seriously to hearken to Him in his gracious offers, p. 397

Ch. 11 – That good indeed will come to sinners upon hearkening and coming unto Christ, p. 426

Ch. 12 – That there is a very field of blessings, and a very paradise of delights for that soul that comes in to Christ, p. 448

Ch. 13 – That soul shall live that comes to Christ, p. 489





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