Nathanael Ball on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel




Sermons on John 8:36, as quoted by Erroll Hulse

Tho’ thou art a great sinner, yet thou art not a sinner in hell; thou art a sinner upon earth still.  And there is this difference betwixt sinners upon earth, and sinners in hell; that the first are yet under hope, while the others are past it.  It is thy great misery, that thou art yet among the unconverted; but ’tis great mercy, that thou art not among the damned.  The place in which thou yet art, is the place of repentance, and not of punishment.  We must look upon no sinners as past hope, that are not past this life:

Why, thou livest yet; Christ has not denounced the final sentence against thee; thou hast not yet stood before his Judgment-seat, and heard Him say to thee, Depart thou cursed into everlasting fire.  What is the patience and long suffering of God toward thee for, but to show thee that thy condition is yet recoverable. (2 Peter 3 :9).


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