Margaret Durham on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel


Margaret Durham was first the wife of Zachary Boyd (1585-1653) and then later of James Durham (1622-1658), both preeminent Scottish ministers



The Epistle Dedicatory to James Durham’s Exposition of the Song of Solomon, reprinted 1982, Banner of Truth, p. 11-12, 16-17


O how highly would these precious souls [Christians of earlier years in the British isles without Bibles] have prized, and how mightily would they have improved the frequent, pure, plain, and powerful preachings, and many excellent writings, wherewith Britain and Ireland, have to admiration been privileged of late years!  Sure their laborious, painful, costly, and hazardous diligence, in seeking after the knowledge of God, according to his Word, will rise in the judgment against this careless, lazy, negligent, and slothful generation, who, in the use of so many various and choice helps, have so patent and easy access to know, and serve Him, with that which almost costs them nothing

It may verily be doubted, if there has been any generation of Christians before this, that have so little minded the things of the Spirit, and have so strongly favored the things of the flesh, that have set their affections so little on things above, and so much on things on the earth, notwithstanding of so many and might pullings of providence at them.



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