Johannes Cocceius on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel


Cocceius was a professor at the University of Leiden from 1650, an influential Dutch theologian, and a significant formulator of covenant theology.  Unfortunately none of his works have yet been translated into English.




Cocceius Summarized by Yohahn Su

The quote below is Su summarizing Cocceius, as found in Yohahn Su, The Contribution of Scottish Covenant Thought to the Discussions of the Westminster Assembly (1643-1648) and its continuing significance to the Marrow Controversy (1717-1723); a dissertation submitted to the University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd, South Wales, 1993, p. 41.

For him [Cocceius], fallen man as a covenant breaker cannot do anything to achieve salvation.  For man, therefore, the central point of theology is that God loves the sinner and offers him redemption.  It can be, therefore, applied to those who believe in Him only through faith in Christ.  As God has revealed His redemptive will in Scripture, we can approach Him only through the Scriptures.¹

¹ Charles S. McCoy, “Johannes Cocceius: Federal Theologian”, Scottish Journal of Theology, 1963, Vol. 16. p. 358.




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