Horatius Bonar on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel

1808 – 1889



The Old Gospel, a booklet reproduced in: Evangelism: A Reformed Debate reprinted by the James Begg Society, p.56

“Yet we honestly subscribe the Westminster Confession.  We believe in Christ’s redemption of His chosen Church; in the efficacy of His blood and the perfection of His righteousness.  We believe in human impotence, in the bondage of the human will, in the enmity of the human heart to God.  We believe in the sovereignty of Jehovah, and His eternal purpose.  We believe in the absolute necessity of the Holy Spirit’s work, alike before and after conversion.  At the same time we preach a free and world wide gospel; we proclaim a free and world-wide invitation to sinners; we present to every sinner a gracious welcome to Christ, without any preliminary qualification whatsoever.  We bid no man wait till he has ascertained his own election, or can produce evidence of regeneration, or sufficient repentance, or deep conviction.  We tell every man, as he is, to go to the Saviour this moment, assured that he will not be cast out or sent away.”


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The gospel is the proclamation of free love; the revelation of the boundless charity of God.  Nothing less than this will suit our world; nothing else is so likely to touch the heart, to go down to the lowest depths of depraved humanity, as the assurance that the sinner has been loved – loved by God, loved with a righteous love, loved with a free love that makes no bargain as to merit, or fitness, or goodness.




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