Historic Reformed Quotes on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel from the 1700’s



Thomas Halyburton  1674-1712   

The Marrow of Modern Divinity  reprinted 1718

With notes by Thomas Boston

The Church of Scotland  1722

Cotton Mather  1663-1728

Thomas Boston  1676-1732   

Thomas Ridgley  1667-1734

John Willison  1680-1750

Ralph Erskine  1685-1752

Ebenezer Erskine  1680-1754

Jonathan Edwards  1703-1758     

Experience Mayhew  1674-1759

Samuel Davies  1723 – 1761

Adam Gib  1774

James Fisher  1697-1775

Daniel Wyttenbach  1706-1779

John Brown of Haddington  1722-1787

James Gib  1714-1788

Andrew Fuller  1754-1815       

Archibald Bonar  1753-1816        

Rowland Hill  1744–1833




Samson Occom

Occom (1723-1792) was a Native American presbyterian minister.

‘Sermon on Ezekiel 33:11’  (1765)

“III.  God tells us, that sinners will their death, ‘Why will ye die,’ saith God, — The way which sinners take is the way of death, and it is their voluntary choice, they are not force’t to it by God, and neither are they drag’d to by the Devil — but it is their free will & act— Adam acted voluntarily in what he did —

IV.  God expressly tells us in our text and context, that He has no pleasure in the death of a sinner, but yt [that] he turn and live — God wills the life and eternal salvation of poor sinners turn ye turn ye for why will ye die — God is sincere, hearty, and earnest in his will, it is plainly to be seen and understood by word, which is his revealed will to the children,— in particular his amazing will to save sinners is to be discovered in his sending his dearly beloved and only begotten Son into this world in amazing manner as He did.”




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