Herman Witsius on Redemptive Benefits for the Reprobate

The Economy of the Covenants

From Volume 1, Book 2, Chapter 9, Section 4, p. 259-260

“IV. 3rdly, The suretiship and satisfaction of Christ, have also been an occasion of much good, even to the reprobate.  For it is owing to the death of Christ that the Gospel is preached to every creature, that gross idolatry is abolished in many parts of the world, that wicked impiety is much restrained by the discipline of the word of God, that they obtain at times many and excellent though not saving gifts of the Holy Spirit, that ‘they have excaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, 2 Pet. 2:20.  And who can in short enumerate all those things which they enjoy, not through accident only, and beside the intention of God, and of Christ, but by the appointment of God?  Not indeed with a design and purpose of saving them according to the testament; but from a view to make known His long-suffering towards the vessels of wrath, that is, those who are to perish, who dwell among those who are to be saved.  For nothing falls out by accident, with respect to the intention of God; every thing being according to His determinate counsel.” 


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Cunningham quotes and enlarges on Witsius’ teaching above.  Charnock and Dabney give their affirmations as well.   



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