Andreas Rivetus on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel


 Rivet was a French Huguenot theologian who became a professor of theology at Leiden, Netherlands in 1620.  Rivet was one of the four authors of the influential theology textbook, The Leiden Synopsis.




The Leiden Synopsis, vol. 1, edited by Dolf te Velde, translated by Riemer Faber, published by Brill, 2015, originally printed in 1625.

23. On the Old and the New Testament

p. 581

And the Law is placed over against the promise in such a way that if the inheritance comes by the former, then it cannot come by the latter (Galatians 3:18). The same reason exists for the contrast between the Law of works and the Law of faith (Romans 3:27). The first of these is understood as teaching salvation that is promised on the condition “that you do all these things,” while the second teaches that the same salvation is offered on the condition “that you believe.”  God freely grants that condition so that whoever is justified fulfills it.


p. 589

A third difference is added in this, that when the old testament was handed down it was wrapped up in a shadowy keeping of ceremonies that possessed no efficacy of itself; and the various rites and figures in it were a means of foreshadowing Christ as yet to come.  But in the new testament we are offered to behold Him with his face uncovered, and the truth of the things themselves and his body are displayed in the here and now.


p. 599

Having rejected these false teachings, we take our repose in this dispensation of God, whereby God has arranged the law and the promise in such a way that we regard the former as one that condemns and we seek the latter for the comfort it brings. The former demands while the latter forgives, the former finds blame while the latter embraces in love.  Nevertheless in both the old and the new testaments he has offered the same, the only way to salvation through his grace in the mediator Christ, having changed only their circumstantial qualities and the ways in which He dispensed them.




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