James Stalker on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel


Stalker was professor of church history in the United Free Church College and a popular author.




John Knox: his Ideas and Ideals, 1904, p. 164-5

Calvinists believe in election not only because it is revealed in Scripture, but because it is confirmed by experience [in general revelation]… But, on the other hand, even clearer and ampler is the testimony of Scripture that God is calling all, and that the Savior is offered to all without distinctionThis also is not only revealed by Scripture, but confirmed by experience [in general revelation]; because the more anyone is occupied in seeking and saving the lost, the more sensible does he become of entering into the very mind and heart of God; and the more the Church carries out the Savior’s command to preach the Gospel to every creature, the more does it know itself to be in harmony with the divine will.  There is, it must be confessed a mystery in this subject which we cannot now penetrate and which may be too deep for the human faculties.  But election and the free offer of the Gospel are both manifestations of the one redeeming love of God: they are portions of one shining arc, the curve of which shows that they are designed to meet, although the meeting point is shrouded in the clouds and thick darkness of Deity.




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