John Hooper on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel


Hooper was one of the English reformers martyred under Bloody Mary.



A Treatise of Christ and His Office, ed. The Parker Society

The First Chapter, p. 15

Forasmuch as Almighty God, of his infinite mercy and goodness, prepared a means whereby Adam and his posterity might be restored again unto their original justice and perfection, both of body and soul, and to live eternally unto the same end [design] that they were created for, to bless and magnify for ever the immortal and living God


The Sixth Chapter, p. 48

These two offices of Christ should never be out of remembrance. They declare the infinite mercy of God, and likewise his indifferent and equal justice unto all creatures without respect of persons. The token of his mercy may be known in this, that He would not that all mankind should be lost, though in Adam all deserved eternal death.  He opened his mercy unto Adam not only in word, but also by the fire that descended upon his sacrifices and his son’s: so to Abraham, then to the world by the incarnation and death of his only Son, the promise of grace and the promise of everlasting life unto such as repent and believe in Him.


The Twelfth Chapter

p. 86

Now that we know what Christ and his office is in the church of God, it is likewise necessary for every man that is a member of this church to know, what man is, and his office towards Christ. For as God hath bound Himself by his promise to be our God and helper for Christ; so hath He bound man by his commandment to be his servant, and in his word to follow Christ, and in Christ God, for the commandment’s sake, until such time as the end [design] wherefore man was made to be obtained, which is eternal felicity, and man restored and made like unto the image of God, as he was at the beginning; full of justice, obedience, and love towards his Creator and Maker.

p. 91-2

Ezekiel speaks of this use civil and politic of the law, and likewise of the second use thereof, which is, as I said before, to show man his sin, to accuse man before God, to fear Him, and to damn man plainly: chapter 33[:11], [in Latin] I live, says the Lord, I will not the death of a sinner, but rather that He might be converted and live. These words declare, that as God would not the death of a sinner, so He requires the sinner to cease from doing of ill, and to be converted unto virtue.




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