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About this Collection

This page intends to be a reasonably comprehensive collection of the major reformed systematic theologies in English since the Reformation that are online.  If this collection of 110+ authors is a bit over-whelming for your tastes, see some of our recommendations on what systematic theologies to start with on our Systematic Theology page.

Amongst many other things this collection is valuable for, if you are interested in a particular doctrine of the Christian faith (the call of the gospel, the divine attributes, eschatology, etc), this page allows you to see what various theologians through history have said about it by looking in the appropriate place in their systematic works.

Sometimes works that are of a systematic nature, though they would not narrowly be called systematic theologies, have been included in this collection.  Where an author has written on most doctrines of the Christian faith in separate works, those works have attempted to be included as well.  This page does not pretend to be exhaustive of the works written in the last several decades.  A few of the authors below (usually noted) are not recommended.  They are included for historical and comparative interest.  If you are unfamiliar with some of the authors, most of them can be found on Wiki.

For additional works to consult, see also some of the numerous lengthy (50-200 page) creeds in James Dennison’s Reformed Confessions of the 16th and 17th Centuries, 4 vols.  Buy  some of which are virtually systematic theologies.  Here is the table of contents to the 4 volumes.  Other works that broadly fall in the systematic category are commentaries on confessions and catechisms.  Only some have been included here, specifically through the 1700’s, but be sure to see others, especially of a later period, such as those by Shaw, Whyte, Beattie and many others.  Also, historical theologies often cover most of the gamut of theology, such as Cunningham, Shedd, Berkhof, etc.  Only a few have been included here.

Sometimes additional copies of these works can be found on PRDL & EEBO.  If you would like to suggest works to be added to this page, please contact us through Suggest Improvements.



Every Reformed Systematic Theology Online


à Brakel, Wilhelmus – The Christian’s Reasonable Service, vols. 1, 2, 3, 4  Buy  1700, translated by Bartel Elshout

a Lasco, John – A Compendium of Doctrine of the One True Church of God and Christ: the London Confession, in Reformed Confessions of the 16th and 17th Centuries, ed. Dennison  Buy  vol. 1, pp. 551-583

Alexander, Archibald – A Brief Compend of Bible Truth,  Buy  1846, 224 pages

Originally published for the blind, a winsome and easy to read summary of Bible truth.  Great for beginners and young people.

Ambrose, Isaac  d. 1664

Looking unto Jesus, as carrying on the great work of man’s salvation, or A view of the everlasting Gospel  Buy  Table of Contents

The First, Middle and Last Things  Buy Pod

The first things are regeneration and the beginning of the godly life.  The middle things are secret, private and public ordinances for sanctification.  The last things are meditations on life, death, judgment, hell, the sufferings of Christ and heaven.

Ames, William 

The Marrow of Sacred Divinity  Buy  1623  

The Substance of Christian Religion: Or, A Plain and Easy Draught of the Christian Catechism in 52 Lectures  PoD  1659

Andrewes, Lancelot – A Pattern of Catechistical doctrine, and other minor works  PoD  1626

Andrewes (1555-1626) was a reformed Anglican.

Arrowsmith, John – A Chain of Principles  Buy PoD  1659

Ball, John – A Short Treatise containing all the Principal Grounds of Christian Religion, by way of questions and answers, very profitable for all sorts of men, but especially for householders, whereunto are added several questions by the reverend author’s own pen to clear the exposition  1631  380 pages

Bates, William  d. 1699

Works, vol. 1 out of 4  Buy

Including: A Treatise on the Existence of God, The Immortality of the Soul, The Divinity of the Christian Religion, and The Harmony of Divine Attributes in in the contrivance and accomplishment of man’s redemption by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Works, vol. 3  Buy

Including: The Everlasting Rest of the Saints in Heaven; The Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell.

Bavinck, Herman

Our Reasonable Faith Buy  1956, 576 pages, a one volume popular digest of his four volume Reformed Dogmatics

Reformed Dogmatics, 4 volumes,  Buy  3,024 pages

A major contribution to systematic theology from the Dutch church.  Bavinck is always careful, balanced and historical in his treatment of Biblical doctrines.  You won’t go wrong with him.  Put down your modern systematic theologies and read a real theologian.

Baxter, Richard – A Christian Directory: a Sum of Practical Theology and Cases of Conscience, vols. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  Buy  1673  See the table of contents

While not a complete systematic theology in the traditional sense, this work includes four parts: (1) Christian Ethics (Private Duties), (2) Christian Economics (Family Duties), (3) Christian Ecclesiastics (Church Duties), and (4) Christian Politics (Corporate/Civic Duties).  These volumes do not contain Baxter’s errors on justification found in other works of his.

Beeke, Joel and Mark Jones – A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life  Buy  2012, 1060 pp.

Here are 60 chapters, each analyzing the puritans, or a given puritan, on a specific doctrine, laid out after the form of a systematic theology.  While this volume will be welcome to any that love the puritans, contains much heart religion and valuable contributions are made on numerous topics, sometimes the chapters read like a series of 20 page seminary papers. 

Berkhof, Louis

Summary of Christian Doctrine, HTML  Buy  166 pages

One of the best, easy to read introductions to the Christian faith at the beginner level.

Manual of Christian Doctrine,  Buy  372 pages

A concise and easy to read, medium length abridgment of his Systematic Theology

Introduction to Systematic Theology  Buy 

This covers Prolegomena issues such as theological definition and method, and General and Special Revelation.  It was published initially as a separate work and has not always been included in editions of the his systematic theology.

Systematic Theology, HTML  Buy 784 pages

This is a classic, brief, one volume systematic theology.  It was originally intended to be an abbreviated summary of the thought of Bavinck’s four volume Reformed Dogmatics.  The online link does not include Berkhof’s introduction to systematic theology, though the copy for purchase linked does.

Berkouwer, G.C. – Studies in Dogmatics,14 volumes  Buy  1949–1972

Berkouwer was a professor of systematic theology at the Free University of Amsterdam (the university that Abraham Kuyper started in Holland) from 194-1976.  He comes from a critical reformed perspective and is weak on
Scripture and Election.

Beveridge, William – Thesaurus of Theology: A complete system of divinity summed up in brief notes upon select places of the Old and New Testament, vol. 1, 2, 3  d. 1708

Beveridge was a reformed bishop in the Church of England. 

Beza, Theodore 

A Brief and Pithy Sum of the Christian Faith made in form of a confession  Buy  1562

The Treasure of Truth touching the groundwork of man’s salvation, and chiefest points of Christian Religion in 38 short aphorisms  1576

A Brief Declaration of the Chief Points of Christian Religion set forth in a table  1579

Binning, Hugh – Works   Buy  1653

The first book in his works specifically, ‘The Common Principles of the Christian Religion’, treats of much of Christian theology in 25 sermons.

Boettner, Loraine

Studies in Theology  Buy

While not a complete systematic theology, it includes sections on: 1) Inspiration of Scripture, 2) Christian Supernaturalism, 3) The Trinity, 4) The Person of Christ and 5) The Atonement.

The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination  Buy  1932

Immortality  Buy

Roman Catholicism  Buy

In expositing and refuting Roman Catholicism point by point, Boettner includes much systematic material.

The Millennium  Buy

Boettner argues for postmillennialism 

Bogue, David – Theological Lectures, vol. 1, 2  Buy PoD  1849

Bogue was a Scot who became a congregationalist in England and wrote the 3 volume, History of the Dissenters.

Boston, Thomas 

A Complete Body of Divinity upon the Shorter Catechism, vols. 1, 2, 3  Buy  1732

Human Nature in its Fourfold State  Buy

The fourfold state of man is: (1) Upright in Eden, (2) Fallen in Adam, (3) Regenerate in Christ, (4) Glorified in heaven.  A look at the table of contents will show that he hits many of the topics of systematic theology under these heads.

Bray, Gerald 

God is Love: a Biblical and Systematic Theology  Buy  2012  768 pp.

God has Spoken: a History of the Christian Theology  Buy  2014

The Faith we Confess: an Exposition of the 39 Articles  Buy  2009

The Doctrine of God  Buy  1992

The Church: a Theological and Historical Account  Buy  2016  288 pp.

Yours is the Kingdom: a Systematic Theology of the Lord’s Prayer  Buy  2007, 208 pp.

editor, Documents of the English Reformation  Buy  1995  674

‘The Trinity: Where do we go from here?’  in ed. McGowan, A.T., Always Reforming: Explorations in Systematic Theology  Buy  2007  365 pp.

editor, We Believe in One God (Ancient Christian Doctrine)  Buy  2009, 201 pp.

Knowing Jesus  Buy  1986  192 pp.

A Christian Theological Language  Buy  1989  38 pp.

Breckinridge, Robert  1869

The Knowledge of God Objectively Considered  Buy PoD

The Knowledge of God Subjectively Considered  Buy PoD

Brown, John, of Haddington 

A Compendious View of Natural and Revealed Religion  Buy 1782

Brown is noted for his Biblicism: his citing of many scripture verses to establish each of his points.

An Essay Towards an easy, plain, practical, and extensive explication of the Assembly’s Shorter Catechism  Buy  

Bucanus, William – Institutions of Christian Religion Framed out of God’s Word, and the writings of the best divines, methodically handled by questions and answers, fit for all such as desire to know, or practice the Will of God  ToC  1st ed. 1602

Bucan (d. 1603) was a professor of divinity at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Bucer, Martin – Of the Reign of Christ  Buy  d. 1551  Note that the edition in English available for purchase is not complete.  See its table of contents in the ‘Look Inside’ preview.

Bullinger, Henry – The Decades, vols. 1 & 2, 3, 4, 5  Buy

A decade is 10 sermons.  Bullinger compassed the whole of the Christian faith in 50 sermons.

Buswell, Oliver – Systematic Theology  Buy  1962

Buswell was a professor of systematic theology at Covenant Theological Seminary from 1956-70.  While reformed and presbyterian, he has broad evangelical influences, is premillennial and defends evidential apologetics.

Calvin, John

Institutes of the Christian Religion, vols. 1, 2, 3  Buy  1559 translated by Henry Beveridge.  Other translations are available.

Calvin on Secret Providence

Cartwright, Thomas – A Treatise of Christian Religion, or, the Whole Body and Substance of Divninty  ToC  d. 1603

Cheung, Vincent – Systematic Theology  Buy 2001

This systematic is self published.  Cheung largely follows in the footsteps of Gordon Clark and emphasizes philosophical aspects of the Christian faith.  The systematic does not include sections on ecclessiology and eschatology.  Other works of his, some of which are of a systematic nature, are here.

Clark, David – A Syllabus of Systematic Theology  Buy  1920

David Clark was Gordon Clark’s father.  The book is dedicated to the Princeton scholars A.A. Hodge, Francis Patton and John Cairns, his professors in systematic theology.

Chalmers, Thomas  d. 1847

Institutes of Theology, vols. 1, 2  Buy PoD

Chalmers was a moderate turned evangelical and was one of the great leaders of the Free Church of Scotland.

Notes on Hill’s Lectures in Divinity  265 pages

Chalmers initially, before he wrote his own Institute of Theology, used George Hill’s (see above) Lectures in Divinity as a platform for lecturing to his students.  The first three pages give Chalmers’ assessment of Hill.

Comrie, Alexander – The ABC’s of Faith  Buy  d. 1774  182 pages

Comrie (1706-1774) was Dutch reformed.

Cunningham, William  d. 1861

Historical Theology, vol. 1,  vol. 2  Buy  1863, 664 & 636 pages

Cunningham was one of the bright lights of the Free Church of Scotland.  His historical theology covers most off the gamut of systematic theology, along with his work below on the theology of the Reformation.

The Reformers and the Theology of the ReformationBuy  1862, 608 pages

Theological Lectures: on subjects connected with natural theology, evidences of Christianity, the canon and inspiration of Scripture,  Buy  1878, 625 pages

These lectures cover the content of chapter 1 of the Westminster Confession on Scripture.

Discussions on Church Principles: Popish, Erastian and Presbyterian,  Buy  1863, 565 pages

Dabney, Robert 

Systematic Theology, HTML  Buy  1878, 924 pages

Discussions  Buy  1890  This is the unedited version.  The Banner of Truth edition is heavily edited.

vol. 1 – Theological and Evangelical

vol. 2 – Evangelical and Theological

vol. 3 – Philosophical

vol. 4 – Secular

vol. 5 – Miscellaneous Writings

de Moor, Bernard – Continuous Commentary on John Marck’s Didactic-Elenctic Compendium of Christian Theology  Buy  1761- 1772

Only volume 1 is presently (2015) available, but look for further volumes in the future.  As portions are translated, excerpts are being put up at the blog.  Here is a review of the first volume by Dr. Ryan McGraw.

de Ronde, Lambertus – A System Containing the Principles of the Christian Religion, suitable to the Heidelberg Catechism  Buy PoD  1763

Denny, James – Studies in Theology  Buy  1894

Denny was a professor in systematic theology and the N.T. from 1897-1915 at Glasgow College, Scotland.  He defended orthodoxy from liberalism but was willing to concede that the Bible might contain minor errors.

Dick, John – Lectures on Theology, vols. 1, 2, 3, 4  Buy  1834

Dick was an orthodox Scottish professor of theology in the Secession tradition.  Great systematic.

Dickson, David – Truth’s Victory Over Error: or the True Principles of the Christian Religion  Buy  1662, being a polemical commentary on the Westminster Confession

Downame, John – The Sum of Sacred Divinity Briefly and Methodically Propounded: More largely and clearly handled and explained  ToC  1625

Dury, John – A Summary Platform of the Heads of a Body of Practical Divinity  1654, 12 pages, with a letter from Archbishop James Ussher recommending that such a body of practical divinity be written

John Dury (1596-1680) grew up with connections to the heads of state, and was advised by an eminent chaplain that to reconcile the divisions of the protestant churches would be the greatest work of peacemaking (Matt 5:9) that one could do.  Dury subsequently devoted his entire adult life’s work to this end, with indefatigable journeys, letter writing and conferencing among the leading church figures of the day.  The titles of his many writings also bear out this purpose. 

This particular work is the first part of a brief summary outline of practical scriptural living and ethics, intended as an ecumenical effort to unite churches abroad.  Previous to this work, a letter was written by William Gouge, Obadiah Sedgwick and others to James Ussher asking him to lead a joint project to write such a body of divinity.  Ussher was favorable to the project but it was interrupted by the English Civil War.  Other signers to this effort included: John Downame, George Walker, Adoniram Byfield, Sidrach Simpson, Richard Culverwell, George Hughes and Joseph Symonds.  Dury ended up writing the desired outline of practical divinity.  HT: Andrew Myers.

Dwight, Timothy – Theology: Explained and Defended in a Series of Sermons, vols. 1, 2, 3, 4  Buy  d. 1817

Dwight followed in the steps of the New England school after Jonathan Edwards (see Hopkins above).  He denied the imputation of Adam’s guilt to his posterity, but other than that, he was pretty good.  Joel Beeke has a very good introduction to his life and theology in the Solid Ground Christian Books reprint of this text.  

Edwards, John  d. 1716

Theologia Reformata: or, The Body and Substance of the Christian Religion, comprised in distinct discourses or treatises upon the Apostles creed, the Lord’s prayer, and the Ten Commandments; in two volumes. The whole adjusted to the Sacred Scriptures and the judgement of the Protestant Reformed Churches, vols. 1, 2  1713

John Edwards (1637–1716) was a reformed Anglican, the son of Thomas Edwards, who wrote the famed book ‘Gangraena’ in the 1640’s.

The Doctrine of Faith and Justification set in a True Light, in Three parts … Being the second part of the theological treatises which are to compose a large body of Christian Divinity  1708

Edwards, Jonathan – Select Works, vols. 1, 2  Buy  d. 1758

While Edwards never wrote a systematic theology, he did write treatises on: Original Sin, Eschatology (A History of the Work of Redemption), Predestination and Free-will, Ethics, Apologetics, and the Eternal state, and was very influential on later theologians that did write systematic theologies.  His sermons cover about every other topic not in the previous list.  The 2 volume edition is handy, but if you are not satisfied (and are rich), try his 26 volume complete works from Yale.  Buy  

Erskine, Ralph – Works, vol. 10  d. 1752

This is virtually a systematic theology in poetry.  Though it does not hit every topic, it does hit most.  This volume is volume 7 in the 7 volume series of Erskine’s Works that is more commonly available for sale.  The Free Presbyterians recently reprinted the first 6 volumes, but not the seventh.  There is much left out of this last volume in the ‘Gospel Sonnets’ paperback reprint by SGCB.  For another systematic work in verse, see that of Benjamin Keach in Reformed Baptist Systematic Theologies.

Farel, William – Summary and Brief Declaration of those points very necessary for each Christian  Buy  1529

Fenner, William – The Spiritual Man’s Directory. Guiding a Christian in the Path that leads to true Blessedness in his three main Duties towards God: How To Believe, To Obey, and to Pray, Unfolding the Creed, 10 Commandments and the Lords Prayer  PoD  1651

Finch, Henry – The Sacred Doctrine of Divinity Gathered out of the Word of God, Together with an Explication of the Lord’s Prayer  1589  57 pp.

Finlayson, R.A. – Reformed Theological Writings  Buy  d. 1989  272 pages

Finlayson was one of the last century’s best reformed theologians in the world, though unknown to many in America.  He was a professor of systematic theology in the Free Church of Scotland.  This, one of his main works, follows the order of the Westminster Confession in expositing the Christian faith.  Though this is a medium sized work, the most knowledgeable person in systematics will find many insights and much that is original and helpful.

Fisher, Edward – The Marrow of Modern Divinity  Buy  1645

This work became popular in the Scotland in the early 1700’s (and since) at its republication by the influence of Thomas Boston.  It covers covenant theology, the Law, soteriology, sanctification and practical living, and so hits many or most of the topics of systematic theology.

Flavel, John – An Exposition of the Assembly’s Catechism  PoD  1688

Frame, John – Systematic Theology: an Introduction to Christian Belief  Buy  2013  View the table of contents through the ‘Look Inside’ link on Amazon.

Frame views and organizes Christian Theology through the Lordship of God and ‘tri-perspectivalism‘.  Not recommended.  His views on worship are atrocious.  Here is a 240 page excerpt.  

Gamble, Richard – The Whole Counsel of God: Volume 1: God’s Mighty Acts in the Old Testament  Buy  2009, 718 pp.

See Dr. McGraw’s review.

Gastrell, Francis – The Christian Institutes: being a plain and impartial account of the whole faith and duty of a Christian  Buy Pod  1709

Gastrell was a reformed Anglican.

Girardeau, John L.

Calvinism and Evangelical Arminianism,  Buy  HTML, 1890, 584 pages

This book covers the gamut of the breadth of soteriology.

Discussions of Philosophical Questions, 1900, 532 pages

A modern title to this book would be “Conflict of Worldviews”.  This work and the below work contain much of Girardeau’s writings on systematic issues.  Many in his day desired him to write a systematic theology, but it did not happen.

Discussions of Theological Questions  Buy  534 pages, see the ‘Buy’ link for the table of contents.

Contains, amongst other things, Girardeau’s significant contribution on the doctrine of adoption and the Fatherhood of God over all creation.

The Federal Theology: its Import and its Regulative Influence  Buy  55 pages 

A discussion of the nature and importance of Federal Headship, Imputation and Covenant Theology.  An important contribution.

The Will in its Theological Relations  Buy  1891, 485 pages

This is Girardeau’s significant contribution to the topic of Predestination.   In it, he (rightly) critiques Jonathan Edwards’ philosophical necessitarianism.

Halyburton, Thomas – The Works of Thomas Halyburton   Buy  d. 1712

While this is not a systematic theology, the first three volumes (of four) of the modern reprint cover much of the substance of Christian theology.  Halyburton was an influential Scot.  

Hamilton, Patrick  1504-1528

Diverse Fruitful Gatherings of Scripture and Declaring of Faith and Works of the Law

Hamilton was a proto-reformer and martyr in Scotland.  See Wiki.

A Most Excellent and Fruitful Treatise, called Patrick’s Places concerning the Doctrine of Faith, and the Doctrine of the Law: which being known, you have the pith of all divinity. With a brief collection or exposition of a sum of St. Paul’s doctrine touching Justification by Faith, in Jesus Christ: which is the only mark to shoot at, and the only means to obtain salvation  1598

Henry, Carl – God, Revelation and Authority, 6 vols.  Buy  1976-83 

Henry was an influential evangelical of the mid-1900’s and professor of theology at Fuller Theological Seminary.  His work is massive, philosophical and something of a bedrock in its field.  While not a complete systematic theology, it is a more than complete defense of the doctrine of God and revelation.

Heppe, Heinrich – Reformed Dogmatics  Buy  1861  729 pages

Heppe collected a compendium of quotes from early reformed sources and organized them in the fashion of a systematic theology (many of which are inaccessible otherwise).  Invaluable.  Heppe gives a special emphasis to the German Reformed tradition.  Here is a helpful blog review of the book with the table of contents to the first three chapters.

Hill, George  d. 1819

Lectures in Divinity  Buy Pod

Hill was a leader of the moderate party (contra the evangelicals) in Scotland.  His textbook was widely influential, and according to Thomas Chalmers, was orthodox, though without the warm fervor that should attend evangelical doctrine.  Chalmers used the work with his students of divinity as a platform for his own lectures.  See Chalmers’ assessment of Hill’s divinity here.

Theological Institutes  Buy Pod

This is comprised of 3 parts: (1) Heads of Lectures in Divinity, (2) View of the Constitution of the Church of Scotland, (3) The Pastoral Office: public and private duties.

Hodge, A.A. 

Outlines of Theology  Buy PoD  1860

A.A. Hodge was the son of Charles Hodge and followed his father as a professor of systematic theology at Princeton.

Popular Lectures  Buy

Commentary on the Westminster Confession  Buy

Hodge, Charles

The Way of Life,  Buy  1842, 328 pages

Popular treatments of the practical teachings of Christianity aimed to produce holiness 

Conference Papers  Buy PoD  1879, 408 pages

Familiar Lord’s Day afternoon addresses to Princeton students, arranged in topical fashion

Systematic Theology, Re-typeset PDF,  Buy  1871

vol. 1 – Theology, 625 pages

vol. 2 – Anthropology, vol. 2, 695 pages

vol. 3 – Soteriology and Eschatology, 800 pages

Index, 120 pages

Hodge’s systematic is a classic and has rightly earned him a place as one of America’s preeminent theologians.  Below are some helpful accessories to his systematic:

Systematic Theology: a Series of Questions Upon the Lectures Delivered, 1865, 150 pages, by Charles Hodge

Questions on the Text of the Systematic Theology of Dr. Charles Hodge: Together with an Exhibition of Various Schemes Illustrating the Principles of Theological Construction, 1885, 196 pages, by A.A. Hodge, his son and successor at Princeton

A Review of Hodge’s Systematic Theology, 1890, p. 229, 52 pages, by Robert L. Dabney, a southern presbyterian

Hopkins, Samuel – The System of Doctrines contained in divine revelation explained and defended, vols. 1, 2   Buy PoD  1793  Not recommended  This is here for reference.

Hopkins followed Jonathan Edwards and advocated for a modified Calvinism, known as the New Divinity which was erroneous on numerous points.  For a list of Hopkinsianism’s distinctive tenets, see Wiki.

Horton, Michael – The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way  Buy  2011, 1052 pp.

See Dr. McGraw’s review.

ed. Johnson, William & John Leith – Reformed Reader: A Sourcebook in Christian Theology: Volume 1: Classical Beginnings, 1519-1799  Buy  1993  See the ‘Look Inside’ link on the Buy link for the table of contents and a preview.

Kelly, Douglas – Systematic Theology, 3 vols.  Buy   2009

Kelly was a long-time professor at RTS Charlotte.  Only the first two volumes are out now (2015).  The third will be coming, Lord willing, shortly.

Kersten, G.H. – Reformed Dogmatics, 2 vols.  Buy  d. 1948

Kersten (1882-1948) was a very high calvinist, Dutch-American, reformed theologian.  Though orthodox, the denominarion he helped to lead, the Netherlands Reformed Congregations, has since become hyper-calvinistic.

ed. Kidd, B.J. – Documents of the Continental Reformation  Buy  1911

‘Kidd compiled over 350 selections from crucial Lutheran and Reformed documents. This work was a standard in classrooms for years. It is primarily of value to academics, since many of the selections are in Latin and French. Included are documents predating the Lutheran reformation, through the Ninety-five Theses, to the Peace of Augsburg (1555). The Reformed tradition is represented by Zwingli, Farel, and Calvin, including the disputes with Anabaptists. The collection closes with a selection of Calvinism beyond Geneva, with representative documents from France, the Netherlands, and Scotland.’

Kuiper, R.B.  d. 1966

The Bible Tells us So  Buy

This is a short systematic for beginners.  At the same time it is worth the reference of the advanced student to read the concise thoughts of this great Dutch-American theologian.

The Glorious Body of Christ  Buy

This is a medium length systematic theology on the Church.  Unique in its field, solid, balanced and very much worth the read.

Lawson, George – Theo-Politica, or, a Body of Divinity containing the Rules of the Special Government of God, according to which, He orders the immortal and intellectual creatures, angels, and men, to their final and eternal estate: being a method of those saving truths which are contained in the Canon of the Holy Scripture, and abridged in those words of our Savior Jesus Christ, which were the ground and foundation of those apostolical creeds and forms of confessions, related by the ancients, and, in particular, by Irenæus, and Tertullian  Buy  1659

Lecerf, Auguste – An Introduction to Reformed Dogmatics  Buy  d. 1943

Dr. Lecerf (1872-1943) was a professor in the Protestant Faculty of Theology, University of Paris and was an orthodox calvinist.

Leigh, Edward 

A System or Body of Divinity  1654

A Treatise of Divinity Consisting of Three Books: the First of which handling the Scripture or Word of God, treats of its divine authority, the canonical books, the authentic edition, and several versions, the end, properties, and interpretation of Scripture; the Second handling God, shows that there is a God, and what He is, in his essence and several attributes, and likewise the distinction of persons in the divine essence; the Third handles the three principal works of God, decree, creation and providence  1646

A Treatise of the Divine Promises in Five Books: in the first, a general description of their nature, kinds, excellency, right use, properties, and the persons to whom they belong; in the four last, a declaration of the covenant it self  1641

Leighton, Robert – Works, vol. 4  d. 1684

Leighton (1611-84) was a reformed, evangelical and pious Scottish bishop.  This volume includes his Theological Lectures, a short catechism and his expositions of the Apostle’s Creed, the Lord’s Prayer and the 10 Commandments.

Luther, Martin 

95 Theses

The Bondage of the Will  Buy  1525  trans. Henry Cole.  Various translations are available, the modern one by Johnston and Packer is the best.

This is not a complete systematic theology; it only covers soteriology, but it is his most systematic work.  Contrary to later Lutheranism (influenced by Melancthon), Luther was very calvinistic, as is seen in this work.

Maccovius, John – Scholastic Discourse  Buy  1644

Maccovius was a supralapsarian Polish theologian.  Per Dr. Ryan McGraw, Dr. Herman Selderhuis is working to have this work put on the web for free soon.

Macpherson, John – Christian Dogmatics  Buy  1898

Macpherson was an eminent professor of Free Church of Scotland.

Marbeck, John – A Book of Notes and Common Places with their expositions, collected and gathered out of the works of divers singular writers and brought alphabetically into order  1581

Mayer, John – The English Catechism Explained  1623  680 pp.

Mayer was English and reformed.  He was perhaps best known for his commentary on the entire Bible.

Muller, Richard – Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics, 4 vols.  Buy  1987

Muller is one of the world’s leading reformed historians.  This set is why.  Muller analyzes and summarizes both the reformation and later puritan theology of the 1500-1600’s in the layout of a systematic theology.  The four volumes do not include the whole of systematic theology, but only the beginning part, including: (1) Prolegomena (beginning things), (2) Holy Scripture, (3) God’s nature and attributes, and (4) the Triunity of God.

Murray, John

Collected Writings, vols. 1, 2 of 4  Buy  d. 1975

Volumes 1 and 2 hit most of the topics of systematic theology.  Much of the content can be found online at Monergism.

Redemption Accomplished and Applied  Buy

This covers most of soteriology and is some of the best on the topic.

The Imputation of Adam’s Sin  Buy

Invaluable for clearly discerning and navigating the issues.

Christian Baptism  Buy

Murray expounds numerous issues related to baptism, including its meaning, who should be baptized, infant baptism and baptism by sprinkling.

Musculus, Wolfgang – Common Places of the Christian Religion 1560

A common place was a common subject that was often taken up in discussing the Christian Religion.

Nicholson, William – A plain, but full exposition of the catechism of the Church of England : enjoined to be learned of every child, before he be brought to be confirmed by the Bishop  PoD  1678

Packer, J.I. 

Knowing God  Buy

Concise Theology: a Guide to Historic Christian Beliefs  Buy  288 pages

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God  Buy  126 pages

Perkins, William, d. 1602

An Exposition of the Symbol, or Apostles’ Creed  1595

The Whole Duty of Man, containing a Practical Table of the Ten Commandments  1674

A Golden Chain  Buy

An Abridgement of the Whole Body of Divinity  1654  by Thomas Nicols, being extracts from Perkins’ writings (by Nicols) laid out in systematic form  

Pictet, Benedict – Christian Theology  d. 1724

Pictet was the Swiss professor of divinity in Geneva after Turretin.  He was the last to hold the orthodox faith there before the rise of the Enlightenment.

Plumer, William  d. 1880

Short Sermons to Little Children  Buy  1848

A systematic theology for children.

Short Sermons for the People  Buy

Something of a plain and simple systematic theology for regular people.

The Rock of Our Salvation: A Treatise respecting the natures, person, offices, work, sufferings, and glory of Jesus Christ  Buy

The Grace of Christ, or Sinners saved by unmerited kindness  Buy  1853

A Treatise on Providence   Buy  1866

Earnest Hours  Buy

‘Earnest hours’ was the term for the hours of Saturday evening before the Lord’s Day, as we ought to prepare for the Lord’s Day, and hence be earnest in these hours.  The book contains many systematic topics.

The Bible True and Infidelity Wicked  Buy PoD

The Law of God as Contained in the Ten Commandments explained and enforced  Buy  1864

Polanus, Amandus – A System of Christian Theology, 10 vols.  d. 1610

This work is coming available in English on the Bible software Logos, and is currently in the pre-order stage  Buy  The very reasonable price of $100 is well worth it.

Polyander, Rivet, Walaeus, Thysius – Synopsis of a Purer Theology  Buy  1625

This standard and very influential Dutch textbook of systematic theology was compiled from the lectures of the four professors and their students.  Only volume one is available, though volumes 2 and 3 are scheduled to be available by 2018.  The ebook is much cheaper than the print edition.

Olevian, Caspar  

An Exposition of the Apostle’s Creed  Buy  1581  

A Firm Foundation: an Aid to Interpreting the Heidelberg Catechism  Buy

Orr, James

The Christian View of God and the World as Centering in the Incarnation  Buy PoD  1893

Sidelights on Christian Doctrine  Buy  1909

Orr was originally in the Free Church of Scotland, though joined with the merger in 1900 into the United Free Church of Scotland.  He became a professor with the latter, and consistent with the trajectory, had some weak (erroneous) points in his theology, the the whole of it was mainly sound and conservative.

The Progess of Dogma  Buy  1901

This is Orr’s work on historical theology.

Reymond, Robert – A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith  Buy 1998, 1210 pages

This is one of the better newer systematic theologies.  Reymond was a professor at Calvin Theological Seminary and Knox Theological Seminary for over 25 years.  Reymond follows in the lead of Gordon Clark on numerous issues.  See the review of W. Gary Crampton.

Ridgley, Thomas – A Body of Divinity, vols. 1, 2   Buy PoD  d. 1734

These were sermons preached through the Larger Catechism.

Roberts, Francis – A Synopsis of Theology, or Divinity  Buy  1645  10 pp.

Rollock, Robert  d. 1599

A Treatise of Effectual Calling  Buy  243 pages

Rollock was perhaps the most important early formulator of covenant theology in Scotland, principally due to this work.  A look at the table of contents will show that he covers many of the topics of systematic theology.  His main argumentative opponent is Romanism.

Schaff, Philip – Theological Propaedeutic: A General Introduction to the Study of Theology Exegetical, Historical, Systematic and Practical  Buy  1893

Schaff is most well-known for his volumes on the history of the Christian Church and also his Creeds of Christendom.  He was a professor of Church History at Union Theological Seminary in New York in the late-1800.  His denomination stemmed from the German Reformed tradition, though he was a particular proponent of the Mercersburg theology (not recommended).  He also had some German/liberal influences.

Shedd, William, G.T. – Dogmatic Theology, vols. 1, 2, 3  Buy  1888

Smith, H.B. – System of Christian Theology  Buy PoD  1884

Smith was the professor of systematic theology at Union Theological seminary.  He has some German liberal influences.

Smith, Marcus – An Epitome of Systematic Theology  Buy PoD  1829

Smith was an orthodox presbyterian in New York during the early 1800’s.  His theology is sound and good.

Smith, Morton

Systematic Theology, 2 volumes  Buy 1994

Smith was a founding professor of both RTS, Jackson and Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  This set is something of the form of notes that he used for much of his classes on systematics.  His focus is on the Dutch and Southern Presbyterians.

Testimony  Buy  1986, 148 pages

This work is a brief systematic overview of Christian theology at the beginner or intermediate level.

Sproul, R.C. – Essential Truths of the Christian Faith  Buy  1998

Sproul writes for the person in between an adult Sabbath school class and seminary.  Sproul systematically explains 100 doctrines of the Christian faith.  If you are a new Christian, this book will be helpful.  If you have read another systematic work or two before, this book may not be worth getting.

Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church of Nova Scotia – A Course of Study in Systematic and Pastoral Theology and Ecclesiastical History  1857 

This contains only outlines of 130+ lectures on systematic theology.  The outlines themselves are very good, and the books for further reference listed at the end of each outline are even better. 

Thornwell, James, H. – Collected Writings, vols. 1, 2, 3, 4  Buy  1871

Volume 1: Theological; 2: Theological and Ethical; 3: Theological and Controversial; 4: Ecclesiastical

Turretin, Francis – Institutes of Elenctic Theology, 3 vols.  Buy  1679–1685 translated by James Dennison Jr. 

Ursinus, Zacharias – Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism  Buy  1591, translated by  George W. Williard

Ussher, James – A Body of Divinity, or the Sum and Substance of the Christian Religion  Buy  1645

Van Genderen and Velema – Concise Reformed Dogmatics  Buy  2008, 944 pages

See Dr. McGraw’s review.  For an extensive review, see James E. Dolezal, The Confessional Presbyterian, vol. 5, 2009, 278-283.

van Mastricht, Peter – Theoretical-Practical Theology  1655

The is systematic of the German born, Dutch professor of theology after the Voetius tradition is currently being translated from the Latin and Dutch into English by the Dutch Reformed Translation Society.

van Oosterzee, J.J. – Christian Dogmatics, vols. 1, 2  Buy PoD

Oosterzee (1817 – 1882) was an orthodox Dutch professor of systematic theology at the University of Utrecht.

Vanderkemp, John – The Christian entirely the property of Christ in life and death; exhibited in fifty-three sermons on the Heidelberg Catechism, vols. 1, 2    PoD  1718

Various – Contemporary Evangelical Thought: Basic Christian Doctrines, ed. Carl Henry  Buy  1962, 301 pages

This contains 43 chapters, in systematic form, from many of the leading evangelical teachers in America from the mid-1900’s, including: Allis,Berkouwer, Bromiley, F.F. Bruce, Buswell, Geldenhuys, Gerstner, Hoekema, Philip Hughes, Klooster, Leon Morris, Motyer, John Murray, Roger Nicole, J.I. Packer, Van Til et al.

Various – The Fundamentals, 4 vols.  Buy  1909

This was the foundational work of fundamentalism as a counter-response to the growing liberalism of the day.  These volumes were intended to be a systematic defense of Christianity against liberal errors.  It includes 100 articles authored by leading scholars including B. B. Warfield, James Orr, G. Campbell Morgan, Charles Erdman, H. C. G. Moule, and Bishop Ryle.  This set is solid.  It does not contain the numerous distinctive weaknesses that fundamentalism would later develop.

Various Puritans – Puritan Sermons: The Morning Exercises at Cripplegate, vols. 5, 6  Buy  1659-1689

This 6 volume set of puritan sermons was given over a 30 year period in the late 1600’s on weekday mornings by puritan ministers near London.  Vol. 5, in 28 sermons, briefly compasses the whole of the Christian Faith, though it is not online.  Vol. 6 is another set of sermons against the many tenets of Romanism, which is of a similar systematic nature.  Here is a table of contents to all of the volumes.  The set is well worth your $180, being less than the weekly food budget of many people. 

Vermigli, Peter Martyr  d. 1562

The Common Places of Vermigli  1576

The Table of Contents to this important work, with an Introduction, has recently been made available in a contemporary edition.  Read it and wet your taste for more!

Predestination and Justification  Buy

Dialogue on the Two Natures in Christ  Buy

On the Relation of Philosophy to Theology  Buy

The Oxford Treatise and Disputation on the Eucharist  Buy 

Voetius, Gisbert – Politica Ecclesiastica, 4 vols.  1663

A portion of this work, ‘Concerning Practical Theology,’ has been translated in John Beardslee’s Reformed Dogmatics: Seventeenth-Century Reformed Theology’  Buy

Vos, Geerhardus – Reformed Dogmatics, 5 vols.  Buy  1896

This very significant systematic was only translated from the Dutch by Richard Gaffin in the last few years.  Currently (2015) only the first three volumes are in print, but all five volumes are available on Logos, the Bible software system (for a cheaper price).

Wardlaw, Ralph – Systematic Theology, vol. 1 (Proleg.-Evidences-God), 2 (Trinity-Atonement-Faith), 3 (Scripture-Regeneration-Sanctification-Final Things)  d. 1853

Wardlaw (1779-1853)

Warfield, Benjamin, B.  d. 1921

Works, vol. 1 – Revelation and Inspiration  Buy

Warfield, an old Princeton scholar, was one of the greatest Biblical scholars of the 20th century.

Works, vol. 2 – Biblical Doctrines  Buy

Works, vol. 9 – Biblical and Theological Studies   Buy

The Person and Work of Christ  Buy

The Lord of Glory  Buy  1907

An exhaustive book-length, Biblical defense of the divinity of Christ from nearly every N.T. passage that related to it. 

The Right of Systematic Theology  Buy  1892, 97 pp.

The Plan of Salvation  Buy  1915, 133 pp. 

This is a very important work.  It lays out systematically the differing views of the order of God’s decrees and argues for Calvinistic Infralapsarianism. 

Watson, Thomas – A Body of Practical Divinity  Buy  d. 1686, lectures on the Shorter Catechism

Webb, Robert 

Christian Salvation: its Doctrine and Experience  Buy  1921

This has a similar layout as John Murray’s Redemption Accomplished and Applied.  The Doctrine of Christian Salvation is salvation accomplished; the experience of it is salvation applied.

The Reformed Doctrine of Adoption  Buy

This is one of the few book length works that reformed theology has given us on the doctrine of adoption.  In it is included the doctrine of the covenants, related doctrines of salvation and of the Fatherhood of God over all mankind by creation.

Theology of Infant Salvation  Buy

Webb argues Biblically and historically that all infants dying in infancy are elect and go to heaven (a popular view amongst 1800’s reformed American theologians).  This work touches on much of soteriology, though this webmaster has found the Biblical (and some of the historical arguments) unpersuasive.  

Willard, Samuel – A Complete Body of Divinity in 250 expository lectures on the assembly’s Shorter Catechism  Buy PoD  1726, d. 1707

Willard was a New England puritan.

Witherspoon, John  d. 1794

Lectures on Divinity  Buy  17 lectures, 155 pages, in Works, vol. 8

Lectures on Moral Philosophy  Buy  10 Lectures, 75 pages, in Works, vol. 7

Works, vol. 1  Buy

Containing ‘an Essay on Justification’ and ‘a Treatise on Regeneration’.

Sermons on Interesting Subjects, Works, vol. 4  Buy

Witsius, Herman

The Economy of the Covenants between God and man: Comprehending a Complete Body of Divinity, vols. 1, 2, 3  Buy  d. 1708

Witsius wrote a systematic theology through the lens and outline of the covenants of God.  He took a mediating position between that of Voetius and Cocceius.  His exposition of the Lord’s Prayer and Apostles’ Creed below also cover a large gamut of theology.

Sacred Dissertations on the Lord’s Prayer  Buy

Sacred Dissertations on the Apostle’s Creed, vols. 1, 2  Buy

Wolleb, Johannes – Abridgment of Christian Divinity  1626  Buy

This work has been translated in ‘Reformed Dogmatics: Seventeenth-Century Reformed Theology’, ed. John Beardslee  

Zanchi, Girolamo  1516-1590

The Whole Body of Christian Religion  ToC

Confession of the Christian Religion, 2 vols  Buy  1586 

Zwingli, Ulrich  

Commentary on True and False Religion  Buy  1525

‘In 29 chapters Zwingli discusses all of the principal topics of Christian theology.  The result is the most significant dogmatic work which Zwingli ever wrote and the most important systematic statement of Reformed theology before Calvin’s Institutes.’

67 Articles  Buy 

Brief Christian Instruction, in Reformed Confessions of the 16th and 17th Centuries, ed. Dennison  Buy  vol. 1, pp. 9-39

An Account of the Faith of Ulrich Zwingli submitted to the German Emperor at the Diet of Augsburg, in Zwingli on Providence and other Essays, pp. 33-61  Buy 

A Short & Clear Exposition of the Christian Faith, in Zwingli on Providence and other Essays, pp. 235-93  Buy




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