Breckinridge, Robert – A Speech in regard to the Power of the Legislature on the subject of Slavery, of the Importation of Slaves, of Abolitionism, of British Influence, of Religious Liberty, etc., 1840, 32 pages, this speech was given on account of the resignation of Robert Wickliffe from the office of Senator, in defense of his personal character, political principles and his religious connections.  Breckinridge in the speech is also defending himself from accusations made to the same effect.  

Hodge, Charles – Essays and Reviews1857, 661 pages

In this you will find Hodge taking up the interesting subjects of Regeneration, the Atonement, Theories of the Church, that the Roman Church is part of the Visible Church, the Lord’s Supper, Slavery (which he is against) and Emancipation, amongst others.

Hodge, Charles – The Bible Argument on Slavery1860, p. 837, 46 pages, from Cotton is King and Pro-Slavery Arguments.  This article is different than his article on slavery in his Essays and Reviews

Hodge, Charels – The Fugitive Slave Law1860, p. 805, 30 pages

Miller, Samuel – A Discourse for Promoting the Manumission [Freeing] of Slaves, and Protecting such of them as have been, or may be Liberated1797, 36 pages

Willborn, Nick – “Presbyterians in the South and the Slave: A Study in Benevolence,” in The Confessional Presbyterian, vol. 3, 2007  Buy  

An excellent historical article chronicling Girardeau’s efforts to minister to the black slaves.  Written by one who did his dissertation on Girardeau and is, Lord willing, coming out with the first full length biography of Girardeau.



Dabney, Robert – A Defence of Virginia: and through Her, of the South,  Buy  1867, 356 pages

The most thorough Biblical defense of slavery.  Dabney also gives the history of the rise of the slave trade (which he condemns, Virginia being the first state to outlaw it on Biblical grounds), the legal origins of slavery in America, as well as the history of emancipation in the states.