M’Crie, Thomas – The Revivals at Stewarton and Kirk of Shotts, 1625-1630HTML, no date or source, eleven paragraphs, probably from his Story of the Scottish Church

Read here of how the Spirit of God has worked in extraordinary ways through the ordinary means of grace and godly ministers.  Revivals and experiential religion have always been thoroughly engrained in the reformed tradition.  Read here of the accounts from dark days just prior to the second reformation in Scotland (1638). 

Miller, Samuel – Letters to Presbyterians, on the present crisis in the Presbyterian Church in the United States1833, 340 pages

Miller, Samuel – Letter to William B. Sprague on revivals, p. 22 of the Appendix, 22 pages

Miller, Samuel – Revivals of Religion, Part 1 and 21833



Alexander, Archibald – The Log College,  Buy  1851, 298 pages

A rich history of early presbyterian ministers in 1700′s America and the revivals that occurred in their time.  The “Log College” was the predecessor school to what would culminate in the opening of the first presbyterian seminary in America at Princeton in 1812.   

Alexander, Archibald – Thoughts on Religious Experiencere-typeset PDF with hyper-linked table of contents, Buy  1844, 594 pages

Required reading.  A classic of experiential religion.  This was the first book of its type in America.  Alexander defines true religious experience as the objective truths of God’s Word stamped on the soul, with all the effects that follow.