“And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

Jer. 3:15

“And He gave some… pastors…”

Eph. 4:11



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Advice for Pastors
Office of Pastor



Advice for Pastors

Beeke, Joel – Ten Commandments for Pastors  2015, 10 paragraphs




Alexander, Archibald

Introduction to Pastoral Reminiscences, 1849  5 pp.

On the heart of a pastor.

“Weep with them that Weep”,  a Discourse Occasioned by the Burning of the Theater in the City of Richmond, Virginia on Dec. 26th, 1811  1812  21 pp.

Church of Scotland – A Humble Acknowledgment of the Sins of the Ministry of Scotland  1651

Pastors and Elders, let us grieve and break our hearts over our sins in Christ’s ministry.  May this cause us to look to Christ for all of our righteousness, and may it spur us on to walk more humbly and closely with Him as we work in His Vineyard.  Use this in secret prayer throughout the year.  

Church members, bring reformation to our land and humbly encourage your elders with this article.

Dabney, Robert

What is a Call to the Ministry?  no date or source info

Are you called to the Ministry?  Read this to find out.

The Public Preaching of Women  1879  from the The Southern Presbyterian Review for October 

The argument against women preaching

Girardeau, John

An Address on Behalf of the Society for the Relief of Superannuated Ministers and the Indigent Families of Deceased Ministers of the Synod of South Carolina  1858  24 pp.

The Suffering Seaboard of South Carolina  1876  29 pp.

A chronicle of the sufferings of Charleston, SC, “our Southern Zion”, after its occupation by the Northern army during the War between the States.  Peer here into the sufferings of a part of Christ’s church, and the labors of her faithful pastors. 

Hodge, Charles

“He Preached Christ”, Acts 9:20, Sermon Preached… at the Memorial Services… [for] James Waddel Alexander, D.D.1859  17 pp.

The Teaching Office of the Church  1882  16 pp.

Macleod, William

The Essence of the Ministry  2006 17 paragraphs  The opening address given at the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) Seminary in Sept., 2006.

Macleod helpfully and practically gives eight things that it is not and two things that it is.

The Ideal Minister  2005  11 paragraphs, a public address

What should Christians look for when they call a man to be their minister? What should they pray for God to do in their own minister? What should ministers and divinity students strive to be?  Here are 10 characteristics.

Miller, Samuel – The Importance of the Gospel Ministry  1827  68 pp.




Bernard, Richard

The Faithful Shepherd… with the Shepherd’s Practice  1621  355 pp.

The Shepherd’s Practice: or, the Manner of his Feeding the Flock  1621  56 pp.

Baxter, Richard – The Reformed Pastor  565 pp.



The Office of Pastor

Binnie, William – The Holy Ministry, p. 120 ff.  3 pp. from his The Church




“The pastor teaches sound doctrine (1 Tim. 3:1), often thrice in the week, which is in season and out of season (1 Tim. 4:2)…  The pastors, besides public preaching and praying in our church, are also to catechize the flock (Gal. 6:5; Heb. 5:12-13; 6:1-3; 1 Cor. 3:1-3), visit the flock (Cant. 7:11- 12; Eze. 34:4; Rom. 1:13; Acts 14:22-23,27; 20:17-18), are especially to exhort and pray over the sick (Jam. 5:14) and to strengthen the exercised in conscience (Job 33:23-24), and that in every house (as Acts 10:34; 5:42).”

Samuel Rutherford

A Defense of the Government of the Church of Scotland, 1642




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