“A man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ.”

Gal. 2:16



The Active Obedience of Christ



How Justification is Distinguished from Sanctification

Phillips, Rick – Seven Assertions Regarding Justification and Sanctification  2015, 9 paragraphs

An excellent, clear and brief Biblical delineation of how Justification is distinguished from Sanctification, and how both flow out of Union to Christ.  Phillips is dead-on. 



Puritan Article

Rijssenius, Leonardus – ‘On Justification’  1692  12 pp.  from his A Complete Sum of Elenctic and Instructive Theology



Historic Articles

Berkhof, Louis – Justification  1950  38 paragraphs, from his Systematic Theology

Buchanan, James – The Immediate and Only Ground of Justification: The Imputed Righteousness of Christ  16 paragraphs, no source info, probably from his The Doctrine of Justification

Cunningham, William – Justification, 1863, p. 1, 120 pages, from his Historical Theology, vol. 2

Girardeau, John – The Doctrine of Justification: its Ground, Nature and Condition, 1890, p. 417, 148 pages, being Part II of his Calvinism and Evangelical Arminianism

Hodge, Charles

Commentary on Rom. 5:12-21on Adam, Original Sin, Imputation, Christ, Justification, etc.

Delivered from the Law as a Rule of Justification – Now Joined to Christ, from his Way of Life

Justification, from his Systematic Theology, vol. 3,  Buy  21 pages



Contemporary Article

McMahon, C. Mattew – A Review of The Doctrine of Justification, by James Buchanan, at A Puritan’s Mind.  See the classic book below.



Historical Theology Article

Fesko, J.V. – William Perkins on Union with Christ and Justification  2010  14 pp.



Historic Books

Alexander, Archibald – A Treatise on Justification by Faith  1837  50 pp.

A largely unknown and scarce work of Alexander’s on an important topic from an important figure: the first professor of Old Princeton Seminary.

Buchanan, James – The Doctrine of Justification  Buy  1867  510 pp.

This is the standard classic on the doctrine of justification.  Read it first.  Being a “justified sinner” is a contradiction to a Roman Catholic, it is the highest glory of the gospel to the believer.  For many more reasons why you should read this work, read this review at A Purtian’s Mind.



In reply to the question: ‘Is there any news today?’:  “Oh, yes, this is always news:  ‘The blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin.'”

John ‘Rabbi’ Duncan





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