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Bible Verses

Bible Verses on Family Worship 



Quotes on Family Worship



Beeke, Joel – Family Worship, 2002, 29 pages, with a list of materials helpful for family worship at the end

D’Aubigne, Merle – Domestic Worship, 1846, 33 pages

Doolittle, Thomas – How may the duty of daily Family Prayer be best managed for the spiritual benefit of everyone in the Family?  1674, Sermon 15 in Puritan (Cripplegate) Sermons,  Buy  Vol. 1, Supplement, page 225should be page 297



Audio Sermon

Fentiman, Travis – Family Worship, a sermon on Ps. 78:1-7, audio, 2008

This sermon demonstrates that family worship is a Biblical obligation.  It covers all the main Biblical data and principles, the Westminster Assembly’s teaching respecting it, and some practical how-to questions before the audio was accidentally cut off at 34 minutes.  



Family Worship Helps

Gibson, James – Family Worship: a Series of Prayers with Doctrinal and Practical Remarks on Passages of Scripture for every Morning and Evening of the Year, 1851, 964 pages, edited by James Gibson, with contributions from 180 ministers of Scotland

This is a manual for help in Family Worship.  For every morning and evening of the year it gives a selection for a psalm to sing, two scripture passages, then doctrinal remarks followed by practical remarks, with a prayer to pray at the end.  Try this for family worship.



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