Alexander, Archibald

The World to be Reclaimed by the Gospel, Missionary Paper #10search for “Alexander”, 1800  12 pp.

An Introduction to the Memoir of the Rev. Joseph W. Barr, Late Missionary  1833  16 pp.

Anonymous – Do You Ever Attend the Missionary Prayer Meeting?  1845  4 pp., starting on p. 101, appended to Samuel Miller’s Letters on the Observance of the Monthly Concert in Prayer

Kennedy, John – Hyper-Evangelism: Another Gospel, though a Mighty Power  Buy  1874  with a 6 paragraph introduction by Rev. Sherman Isbell

This is a spiritually insightful critique of the American, revivalist style, D.L Moody crusades in Scotland, that emphasized quick external professions of faith to the detriment and exclusion of a substantial, balanced and persevering Christian life.  This is must reading and directly applicable to our day of Fast-Food Christianity. 



Beeke, Joel

John Calvin: Teacher and Practitioner of Evangelism  no date  22 pp.

Puritan Evangelism: A Biblical Approach  no date  28 paragraphs




Beeke, Joel – Puritan Evangelism  Buy  78 pp.

The best and most Biblical work on how to share your faith with others in a way that brings God’s Word home to the heart.



Historic Story

Watt, Hugh – ‘Moderator, Rax me that Bible’ about John Erskine (1721-1803) in the 1796 General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

‘Rax me’ means ‘reach me’ or ‘hand me’.




“The first step towards serving Christ is to lose sight of ourselves
and think only of the Lord’s glory and the salvation of men.”
John Calvin




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