Bahnsen, Greg – A Christian View of War, 1991, 18 pages.  These are study notes to his three audio lectures that can be purchased from Cmfnow.com

This is perhaps the most substantial exegetical treatment of the principles of war available.  While Bahnsen is a Theonomist, much of what he has to say is simply general equity derived from scripture.

Bullinger, Henry – On Biblical Principles for War, 5 paragraphs, 4 principles, from his Decades

Einwechter, William – A Christian Perspective on Just War, 2003, 57 paragraphs

Einwechter gives 7 Biblical Principles for Just War.

Larson, Mark – John Calvin, the Geneva Reformation, and Godly Warfare: Church and State in the Calvinian Tradition, 2005, 1 page, this is the abstract to his dissertation.

 Zwingli, Ulrich – On Mercenary Soldiers, 1530, 12 paragraphs

Zwingli distinguishes the “Holy Warrior” from the mercenary.




Mattox, John – St. Augustine and the Theory of Just War,  Buy  2009, 208 pages



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