The Covenant of Works





Rollock, Robert – ‘Of the Word of God, or of the Covenant in General, and of the Covenant of Works in Special’  †1599  5 pp.  being ch. 2 of A Treatise of Effectual Calling, chapters 3-5 are also relevant.



Berkhof, Louis – Man in the Covenant of Works, HTML, 1949, 19 paragraphs from his Systematic Theology



Historical Study

Muller, Richard – ‘The Covenant of Wroks and the Stability of Divine Law in Seventeenth Century Reformed Orthodoxy: A Study in the Theology of Herman Witsius and Wilhelmus A Brakel’  1994  25 pp.



On the Histoical Origin of the Covenant of Works

Foord, Marty – The Covenant of Works Pre-Reformation, 2014, 4 paragraphs, blog post 

Foord has found a proto-Covenant-of-Works in Gregory the Great’s (540-604) Moralia on Job and in Boethius’ (480-524/5) De Fide Catholica.  The latter quote is given in full.




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