General Revelation


Myers, Andrew – He Made the Stars Also, a collection of photography and poetic quotes about the stars




Bavinck, Herman – On General Revelation, from his Reformed Dogmatics, 1:321-322

Cunningham, William – Insufficiency of Natural Theology, 1878, p. 114, 9 pages, from his Theological Lectures 

Cunningham, William – Natural Theology, the basis of the Evidences of Christianity, 1878, p. 124, 14 pages, being chapter 10 of his Theological Lectures




Wallace Marshall – Puritans and Natural Theology  Buy  2012, 205 pages, being his PhD dissertation for Boston College

This excellent work surveys the natural theology of the puritans, including their views on general revelation.  The work can only be found through libraries or for a fee for printing the dissertation ($38-72), though Wallace is looking for a publisher to make it easily available.  See the three paragraph abstract of it here.