Gaussen, Louis



Books  (11)

The Canon of the Holy Scriptures: Examined in the Light of History,  Buy  1862, 469 pages

Perhaps the fullest work on the formation of the canon as it was recognized in the New Testament and in the early church

The Canon of the Holy Scriptures from the Double Point of View of Science and of Faith,  Buy  1863, 712 pages, Part I of this book (the first 410 pages) is nearly identical to his other work on the topic of the Canon above.  Part II (the last 300 pages) is new though.

Geneva and Jerusalem: the Gospel at Length Preached to the Jews, 1844, 66 pages

Geneva and Rome: Rome Papal as Portrayed by Prophecy and History, 1844, 66 pages

“It is Written”: or the Scriptures the Word of God, 1856, 194 pages

Jonah the Prophet: Lessons on His Life, Addresses Delivered to a Sunday School at Geneva, no date, 166 pages

Lessons for the Young on the Six Days of Creation, 1860, 135 pages

The Prophet Daniel Explained: in a Series of Readings for Young Persons, vol. 1, vol. 21873/4, 259 & 145 pages

Theopneustia. The Bible: Its Divine Origin and Inspiration Deduced from Internal Evidence and the Testimonies of Nature, History and Science,  Buy  1867, 422 pages, it is also here on HTML

This is the best and fullest book on the inspiration of the Bible, being Gaussen’s most well known work.  “Theopneustia” is the Greek word in 2 Tim. 3:16 for “inspired”, or more literally, “God-breathed”.  One highlight among many is Gaussen responding to the objection against inspiration that the NT writers often misquote the OT.  Gaussen lists and superbly analyzes the dozen or so ways in which the NT writers reference the OT (literally, in paraphrase, summarizing, interpreting, applying, giving the spirit of, combining the teachings of, etc.). 

The World’s Birthday: a Book for the Young, 1880, 306 pages


Book of Sermons 

The Parables of Spring1852, 103 pages, these are sermons on the season of Spring


Individual Sermons  (4)

The Fall of Charles the Tenth, Rev. 3:11, 1842, on p. 140

On the Nature and Necessity of Repentence, Luke 8:1-5, 1825, on p. 57, 27 pages

On the Nature of Repentence, and the Only Method of Attaining to it, 1825, on p. 85, 33 pages

The Resurrection, Isa. 66:14, 1848, on p. 328



Pulpit Eloquence of the Nineteenth Century, 1857, 813 pages, by Henry C. Fish.  There is a two page biography of Gaussen on p. 139

The Pulpit Orators of France and Switzerland: Sketches of their Character, 1848, 341 pages, by Robert Turnbull, There is a four page biography of Gaussen on p. 324