Brown, Charles




Restraining of Spiritual Intercourse in Families, a sermon on Heb. 3:13, 1855, 15 pages, the scanning of this small tract is of low quality and unfortunate, but much of the sermon can still be read



The Leading Features and Excellencies of the Westminster Standards, 1843, p. 107, 9 pages, from the larger work by various authors, Commemoration of the Bicentenary of the Westminster Assembly of Divines: held at Edinburgh, 1843, Containing the Addresses and Conversations,  Buy  158 pages



Preface to Materials for Daily Intercessory Prayer, 1861, 15 pages, the larger work (of 65 pages) is a reorganization of two papers by the late Robert Wodrow on the future (post-millennial) conversion of Israel.  The authors sought to promote Christian’s daily prayer to this end.



Church Establishments Defended: with Special Reference to the Church of Scotland1833, 263 pages

The Divine Glory of Christ, 1868, 134 pages

This short book collects the teachings of the scriptures regarding the divinity and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, while aiming at heart-stirring devotion.

The Future Development of the Roman Catholic Church in Great Britain, and her Position Towards that of England, 1851, 55 pages

The Strength of Popery : its Leading Elements of Influence and Power: its tenets a deceitful counterfeit of the great truths of scripture : a Lecture, 1851, 40 pages

The Word of Life : being Selections from the Work of a Ministry1874, 360 pages, being 23 of his sermons